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Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt Whisky (Review)

Blaue Maus Single Cask Malt Whisky (Fleischmann German Whiskey Bourbon Dram Drinking Review Bottle BarleyMania)

Unlike the world’s biggest whisky nations, such as Scotland, Ireland or the US, Germany does not have a century-long tradition in distilling the water of life. The Destillerie Blaue Maus, which means “blue mouse  distillery”, is our country’s longest-running whisky manufacturing site. (more…)

The Spice Tree by Compass Box (Review)

The Spice Tree by Compass Box (Barley Mania Blended Highland Malt Whisky Scotland Scotch)

While today’s “Sunday in Advent” dram is not a declared X-mas whisky in itself, its spicy flavor profile and precious packaging still make it a perfect pick for the festive season. Composed only of Highland whiskies and bottled at 46 per cent without food coloring or chill-filtration, (more…)

Jura Superstition (Review)

BarleyMania - Jura Superstition (Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review Tasting Notes Isle of Jura Islands)

Not even 200 people live on the Isle of Jura on the west coast of Scotland. Despite its wee size, this amiable community is known and loved by whisky fans across the globe. The reason is simple: The local distillery, named Jura after the isle it was built on, produces amazing drams.  (more…)