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BarleyMania is a private blog dedicated to all things whisk(e)y. While a million things have already been said about the topic, I am happy to chime in and share a few thoughts of my own.

Tobi (responsible for all original content)

Cheers, everybody. My name is Tobi and I have started this blog to write about whisk(e)y. Who would have guessed? Though I am pretty enthusiastic about the topic, I can still remember a time when I only had my drinks with coke. But hey, I also didn’t have a beard back then. Apart from a good dram, I like a ton of other things, including heavy music, horror films, video games, football, and traveling. In April 2017, I joined Douglas Laing & Co.’s honorary embassadors, the Douglas Laing’s Fellows. And in November 2020, I started setting up and managing the German social media profiles of Rotterdam-based micro-distillery Cley.

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