Teeling Distillery Tour (Place)

Teeling Whiskey Distillery (The Spirit of Dublin Irish Whisky Tour Experience Triple Distilled Dram BarleyMania)

For almost 40 years, there was no working distillery in Ireland’s capital. But in 2015, the Spirit of Dublin was awoken at Newmarket when Teeling Distillery opened its gates. The distillery was founded by Stephen and Jack Teeling, sons of Cooley Distillery founder John Teeling. (more…)

Wemyss Malts & Kingsbarns German Tasting Tour 2016 (Event)

Barley Mania - Wemyss and Kingsbarns German Tasting Tour 2016 - Location

On October 11, independent bottler and blender Wemyss Malts and premium importer Alba Import invited whisky lovers from Northern Germany to a special occasion: The kick-off of Mr. William Wemyss’ four-date German Tasting Tour 2016. (more…)