3x Danish Single Malt Whisky by Fary Lochan, Mosgaard & Stauning (Review Flight)

3x Single Malt Danish Whisky by Fary Lochan, Moosgard & Stauning (Denmark Organic Sherry Dram Tasting Notes Blog)

In the last few years, Denmark has emerged to become one of my favorite whisky countries. I just love the attitude, the approach and, of course, the products of our neighbouring distillers in the north. Three Danish production sites I enjoy a lot are Fary Lochan, Mosgaard and Stauning. Two of them (Fary Lochan and Stauning) I have already visited and the third (Mosgaard) I have met repeatedly events. In regard to their house style and philosohpy, they are all different from each other. Yet they are united by the fact that they currently rank among the most accomplished distilleries in Denmark – and abroad! (At least that’s my humble opinion.) The three whiskies I am intoducing here mark excellent examples of just how good Fary Lochan, Mosgaard and Stauning understand and execute their craft. Check them out if possible!

by Tobi

Fary Lochan Distillery Edition Batch #02
(Single Malt Whisky • Sherry cask • 47% • 1,106 bottles)

This wee fella is only available to the visitors of Fary Lochan Distillery, a small production site in the heart of Denmark’s Jutland. It comes in a 200 ml bottle. All in all, a total of 1,106 pieces got filled. The whisky is five-and-a-half years old and fully sherry-matured. Its bouquet is thick and heavy with pumpernickel, plum jelly, currants, brittle, burnt raisins and latte macchiato. The oily, weighty spirit tastes of dark chocolate, morello cherries, strawberries, hazelnuts and heavily roasted rye. When swallowed, the Fary Lochan Distillery Edition #02 stays on the dark side. The good aftertaste has a whole lotta Black Forest cake alongside currants, raisins and strawberries. It is no secret that I am a big Fary Lochan fan. Partly, it is because of the wonderful people operating the distillery. And partly, it is because of remarkable bottlings like this!

Mosgaard Oloroso Cask
(Single Malt Whisky • Oloroso casks • 46.4% • no limitation)

Mosgaard Oloroso Cask is the softer and cleaner of the distillery’s two debut expressions. It got released alongside the edgy and headstrong Pedro Ximenez Cask in May 2019. It has a lot of burnt almonds, apple strudel, orange jam, nutmeg, grapes and dark nougat in the nose. The longer it breathes, the less fruity and more spicy it becomes. In the mouth, you can feel both the organic produce and the well-leveled 46.4 per cent ABV. This elegant and complex Danish whisky is smooth, crisp, full and creamy. It offers a lot of softened apples and chewy nougat as well as cognac-sprinkled pears and aromatic grapes. Occasionally, there is a youthful bite, too. The medium aftertaste is loaded with cocoa powder, brandy beans and light fruits. This is a great offering from a young Danish craft distillery you better keep an eye on!

Stauning Malted Rye Whisky Marsala Finish
(Malted Rye Whisky • Marsala finish • 61.42% • 200 bottles)

In October 2019, Stauning’s importer Kirsch Whisky released a duo of 3-year-old malted rye whiskies that were exclusively available in Germany. One was finished in a moscatel cask while the other was finished in a marsala cask. In the following, I will introduce you to the latter. It draws you in with a strong nose that is rich with rosehip tea, bramble cake and garden fruits (raspberries, blackcurrants, wild strawberries). Other aromas remind of vanilla, citrus juice and red wine gums. In the mouth the muscular ABV of 61.42 per cent makes itself known. It produces a strong but pleasing burn … and the fire brings with it an immense fruitiness! Again there are lots of red garden fruits and wild berries. Further back, you can make out sweet grapes, too. Plus gingerbread, cocoa powder and very dark chocolate. The spirit is dry and heavy with an aftertaste that is satisfying and lasting. At the end of the degustation, the fruits turn more towards the white and the yellow: unripe bananas, canned pears and squeezy lemons. These flavors are accompanied by natural licorice and rum truffles. Towards the very end, the rosehip tea returns as well. Stauning … sorry, my bad … I meant: stunning!

Fary Lochan Distillery Edition Batch #02 (Single Malt Whisky / Sherry cask / 47% / ~40 Euro)
Mosgaard Oloroso Cask (Single Malt Whisky / Oloroso casks / 46.4% / ~70 Euro)
Stauning Moscatel Finish (Malted Rye Whisky / Marsala finish / 61.42% / ~85 Euro)

Fary Lochan @ Web: https://farylochan.dk/
Mosgaard @ Web: https://mosgaardwhisky.dk/
Stauning @ Web: https://www.stauningwhisky.com/

*** Whisky samples kindly provided by Fary Lochan, Mosgaard & Stauning***


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