Considering how much there is to learn about whisk(e)y, a single source of information could never do more than scratch the surface. For further reading, I recommend you to take a look around and check out the links below. They lead you straight to some of my favorite whisk(e)y websites, blogs and shops.

Whisk(e)y Blogs

Alkoblog (DE):
A Song of Ice and Whisky (IT):
Drams United (DE):
The Whisky Lady (FR):
The Whisky Viking (DK):
Tom Trinkt (DE):
Toms Whisky Reviews (UK):
Whic Blog (DE):
Whisky Dad (AU):
Whisky Experts (AU):
Whisky Fun (FR):
Whisky & Vinyl (DE):

Mailorders, Shops & Distributors

Alles Füllbar (DE, Wernigerode):
Bremer Spirituosen Contor (DE, Bremen):
Delinero (DE, Hamburg):
McWhisky (DE, Online):
Sansibar Whisky (DE, Bad Nenndorf):
Spirituosen Wolf (DE, Hamburg):
Vibrant Stills by Alba Import (DE, Nottensdorf):
Weinquelle Lühmann (DE, Hamburg):
Whic (DE, Online): (DE, Online): 
Whisky Experience (DE, Online):

Distilleries & Whiksy Companies

Compass Box (GB):
Douglas Laing & Co. (GB):
North Star Spirits (GB):

Other Stuff

HOLZ.bei.die.fische (DE):