West Cork 12yo Sherry Cask (Review)

West Cork 12yo Sherry Cask (Irish Single Malt Whiskey Finish Tasting Notes BarleyMania)

I first stumbled across West Cork Distillers when I was looking for not-yet-discovered treasures in the world of whisk(e)y in some online shops. I ordered a bottle of their limited edition Cask Collection series with a rum finish. I really enjoyed it and so the bottle was emptied way too fast. It was no question I had to try the other two finishes of this series, too. Not so long ago, Tobi and me attended in an Irish whiskey tasting by Whisky Experience in Hamburg and among others we also got to try this Sherry Cask edition of the 12yo West Cork. Luckily, I got the chance to take home this still halfway-filled bottle. After twelve years of maturation in bourbon casks, this whiskey got its finish for 110 days in PX sherry casks. This might not seem a very long time, but West Cork Distillers does not want the effect of the bourbon casks to be overpowered. For this reason you still find a distinct bourbon cask influence in combination with what a finish should be like – an upgrading of the complexity of the whiskey.

by Aaron

Eye: Yellow-brown ocher.
Nose: Distinct vanilla notes combined with ripe red fruits, in first instance red berries. Some oaky notes stay in the background.
Palate: A lot of sweetness and vanilla, but also oaky and malty notes. The influence of the sherry cask on the palate is not too strong as the whiskey only spent 110 days in it. But then again you still get an idea of red berries, figs and plums.
Finish: Long and much spicier than you would expect. Sweet and oaky notes stay on your tongue for quite some time.

Type: Single Malt Irish Whiskey
Region: Ireland
Aged: 12 Years
Alc. volume: 43%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~35.00 Euro
More info: http://www.westcorkdistillers.com/

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