Hyde No. 5 Burgundy Cask Finish (Review)

Hyde No5 Burgundy Cask Finish (Irish Single Grain Whiskey Ireland Dram BarleyMania)

Irish whiskey was out of fashion for a long time. During these hard years many distilleries and brands disappeared from the market for good. But nowadays the Irish whiskey industry is alive again and new distilleries from all over the country have begun to make names for themselves. In the very south of Ireland you will find Hibernia Distillers with their brand Hyde, which is dedicated to Douglas Hyde, who was the first President of the Republic of Ireland in 1922. He was born in 1860, the year imprinted on the bottle. Hyde No. 5 is a single grain whiskey matured in flame-charred bourbon barrels and finished in toasted burgundy casks. Though it does not come with an age statement, I know from reliable sources that this whiskey spent a total of round about six years in these two cask types before it was bottled at 46%. While a lot of whiskies (most of which are not from Ireland) are said to be sherry bombs, you can call the Hyde No. 5 a berry bomb. As it is limited to only 5,000 bottles, you have to be quick if you want to call one of them your own.

by Aaron

Eye: A beautiful mixture of red and gold.
Nose: A delicious variety forest fruits. Imagine blackberries, strawberries and blueberries doused with vanilla sauce. In the background there are also slight notes of wood.
Palate: Again a lot of fruity notes, but the berries are now accompanied by red apples. Furthermore, there are also hazelnuts, vanilla and some oaky notes.
Finish: Now the nutty notes are even more dominant, but dark red fruits mixed with oak and a little hint of nutmeg also stay on your tongue for quite some time.

Type: Single Grain Irish Whiskey
Region: Ireland
Age: No Age Statement (~6 Years)
Alc. volume: 46%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~35.00 Euro
More info: www.hydewhiskey.ie (Distillery)


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