Arran 5yo by A.D. Rattray (Review)

Arran 5yo by A.D. Rattray (Single Malt Islands Scotch Whisky Bourbon Cask Tasting Notes BarleyMania)

Some people might say that five years of maturation are not enough to let a whisky develop depth and character. Yet, if you are in the mood for a young and wild whisky, a spirit that did not spend too many years in the cask might be exactly what you have been looking for. In the case of this Arran, the people at A.D. Rattray chose the optimal point of time to bottle the liquid. Matured in a first fill bourbon hogshead, this whisky comes with a strong and powerful ABV of 57.3%. But with an output of only 309 bottles, it might be a little hard to get hold of. So fingers crossed you can score a bottle of this great dram, which kind of reminds me of my childhood. Back then, I often spent my holidays with my grandmother at Lake Garda in Italy. This young Arran brings me back to these days. When I drink it, I think of sunlight, lemon trees and a bottle of Fanta in my hand. Though whisky is often said to be made for cold nights in autumn or winter, I think that this Arran 5yo by A.D. Rattray can easily be enjoyed on a warm summer evening as well. It is perfect for a get-together on your terrace with your friends.

by Aaron

Eye: Shimmering gold and copper.
Nose: The scent of this Arran reminds me of the holidays I spent at Lake Garda when I was a child. Fresh lemons and limes bring back fond memories of Fanta Limone, my favourite softdrink in the early 90s. Besides this, there are also sugary and vanilla notes.
Palate: Very sweet and powerful with lots of lemons. After some time in the glass, it develops into a freshly baked lemon cake with an extra portion of vanilla sugar.
Finish: At first you have mostly lemon and vanilla on your tongue, but then you get surprised by lots of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland (Islands)
Age: 5 years
Alc. volume: 57.3%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Cask: 1st fill bourbon hogshead
Price range: ~55.00 Euro
More info: (Bottler) ; (Distillery)

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