Box Quercus I Robur (Whisky)

Box Quercus I (Single Malt Swedish Whisky Tasting Notes Dram Skil Review)

Recently, all eyes in Europe were directed at Sweden because of their victory over Italy in the football World Cup qualification play-offs. But that is not the only highlight Sweden has to offer. We also have to thank them for wonderful music from bands like Abba, Roxette, Mando Diao or The Hives, high quality cars by Volvo and all kinds of extremely delicious food. Okay, maybe we can skip things like constructing Ikea furniture or opening a tin of evil-smelling Surströmming. But there is one Swedish product on whose awesomeness we all can agree! I am talking about the latest release from Box Distillery in Northern Sweden called Quercus I Robur. This high-strength whisky was matured in 200-litre bourbon casks for a bit more than four years before it was finished in 40-litre casks made of virgin European oak (Quercus Robur in Latin) for another seven months. Kept in a traditional dunnage warehouse, this unpeated expression is the first release from Box’s new series that aims at showing the diversity of the flavours you get from using different oak types. As with their previous expressions, Box Whisky once again managed to thrill me with this dram from the very moment I took my first sip. There is not much left for me to say other than: Jag älskar Box Whisky!

by Aaron

Eye: Luxury dark mahagony.
Nose: Welcome to the woods. It is like strolling through a Swedish forest in autumn, where freshly hewn trees lie around and you can collect mushrooms. Distinct oaky notes mingle with sweet notes of vanilla and toffee. After some time, pepper shines through.
Palate: Again the wood is very present. Afterwards, spice dominates in the form of pepper, juniper and vermouth. There might also be a bit of rocket in the background. Wonderfully integrated tannins and a lot of vanilla round off this perfect dram.
Finish: A rather dry and medium-long finish with vanilla, nutmeg and spicy pepper.

Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Sweden
Aged: 4.72yo
Alc. volume: 50.8%
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price range: ~80.00 Euro
More info:

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