Helgoländer Whisky Bier (Review)

Helgoländer Whisky Bier (Craftbeer Craft Beer Helgoland Barley Small Batch Micro Brewery)

Whenever you go to Helgoland, make sure you take some time to visit Der Schokoladen run by Thomas “Wüppi“ Wüppermann. Originally, we went there because of the excellent whisky truffles Wüppi offers. Not only does he have excellent skills in making these sweets, but he also often uses very rare whiskies from distilleries like Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Laphroaig or Glen Els, for them. Do no miss out on them – according to my experience they are always gone very fast! But Wüppi does not only produce sweets, he also brews his own beer. As a compliment to his dark Helgoländer Bunkerbier and his pale ale called Helgoländer Hochseebier, he also made a strictly limited Whisky Bier this month. Using peated whisky barley and port wood, this beer is really special. And it is actually not one but two beers encapsulated in the same bottle. Depending on whether you drink it cooled or at room temperature, it completely changes its character. While it is very sweet and fruity when it is cold, you will get a peaty and powerful drink when it is not. I know it is hard to get your hands on one of only 74 bottles made this year, but if you do so, you will have a really good time drinking the Whisky Bier. And if you are on Helgoland and the beer is sold out, don’t worry because the whisky truffles alone are also worth the trip.

by Aaron

Eye: A cloudy yet shimmering brown.
Nose: When coming out of the fridge, the Whisky Bier is malty and sweet with distinct notes of honey. It makes you feel like strolling through a freshly mowed grainfield after a rainy day with honeybees buzzing around your head. At room temperature, it feels like a totally different beverage, with the smoked barley coming through a lot more prominently. At the first sniff, you might even think someone poured an Islay malt into your beer.
Palate: Again, we have to differentiate between drinking the Whisky Bier cooled or warm. In the first case, it is very sweet and malty, almost like a malt beer. Additionally, you also find honey, pears and melons in there. In the latter case, it becomes a lot more medicinal and smoky. The fruity notes, that were very obvious before, are almost gone now. But the beer itself is still very delicious.
Finish: Rather short and sweet. Surely, it will become a bit deeper after a few more days in the bottle. Without cooling it, you will have a rather long finish with smoky and peppery notes.

Type: Whisky beer
Region: Germany
Aged: NAS
Alc. volume: 7.6%
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price range: ~8.00 Euro
More info: www.facebook.com/Der-Schokoladen-254214247932454/ (Brewery)

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