The Ben Nevis in Glasgow (Bar)

The Ben Nevis in Glasgow (Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bar Pub Travel Visit Afterwork Dram Dramming)

While The Ben Nevis in Argyle Street is one of Glasgow’s most well-known whisky pubs, my girlfriend and I only discovered the place by happenstance. During a “hop on, hop off” tour through the city center, the voice in our headphones informed us that a highly popular dramming joint would soon appear to our left. The Ben Nevis looked very nice from the outside and was in walking distance from our hotel, so we decided to pay it a visit later on that day. We stayed for round about one and a half hours, drinking two glasses each and having a great time. As the bar was not too crowded on a Monday evening, its co-owner Allan had a bit of time to talk whisky with us and share further information on the sips we ordered. For example, I never realized before that the label of the Great King Street by Compass Box showed the famous Duke of Wellington statue in the city center of Glasgow – including the obligatory traffic cone for a hat. In the end, Allan even offered to help me get hold of North Star’s Port Dundas 12yo. I tried a dram of it before and was so impressed  that I thought about getting a full bottle. The next day, I got a message from Allan on Facebook, telling me that he had reached out to the bottler in the meantime and that I could now hop over to the bar and pick up my bottle… I guess, I don’t have to say more to give you an impression of the friendliness and heartiness you are met with when you visit The Ben Nevis!

by Tobi

Atmosphere: It is hard to enter The Ben Nevis and not feel at home right away. This certainly is a beautiful place, with the wood and stone applications on the walls as well as on the counter being real eye-catchers.
Selection: I have to confess I am not very good at making guesses, but taking a shot in the dark I would say that The Ben Nevis does at least have a hundred whiskies on the menu. The expressions range from entry level to top class and there’s also some nice single casks to be found.
Price: As we visited the bar towards the end of our Scotland trip, we did not have that many pounds left to spend. But even at a comparatively small budget, we found some nice drams by prestigious whisky companies such as Compass Box or North Star among The Ben Nevis’ many open bottles.
Service: During our visit, co-owner Allan operated the counter. He turned out to be a super-nice guy with a deep whisky knowledge, who had many stories to tell and anecdotes to share. Before we left, we even poured me a  sip of a rum-finished Laddie 17 for free.

Name: The Ben Nevis
Type: Whiskey bar
Address: 1147 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8TB, United Kingdom
Opening hours: Mon to Sun from noon to midnight
The Ben Nevis @ Facebook:

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  1. You’ve reminded me that the last time I was in Glasgow I wasn’t interested in whisky. I’ll have to make another trip with my brother (his old university haunt) and The Ben Nevis is definitely on the agenda! Thanks for the review!

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