Bushmills releases Shortfilm with Singer Foy Vance and Poet Jon Plunkett (News)

Bushmills Poetic Shortfilm with Foy Vance and Jon Plunkett (Irish Whiskey St. Patrick's Day Art Movie Clip)

Just a few days from now, on March 17 to be precise, St. Patrick’s Day is being celebrated. To get people around the globe in the right mood for the most Irish holiday of all, Bushmills Irish Whiskey has now released a poetic shortfilm created in collaboration with songwriter Foy Vance and wordsmith Jon Plunkett. Pointing out the importance of home via beautiful images and moving words, the minute-long movie is full of optimism and melancholy at the same time – a contrast that has existed in the hearts and minds of the joyful yet brooding Irish, to whom the flick is dedicated, for many a century.

You can check Bushmills Irish Whiskey’s St. Patrick Day shortfilm out via the embedded video above or the direct link below. Obviously, it is best enjoyed while sipping a fine glass of Irish whiskey.

by Tobi

St. Patrick’s Day Shortfilm @ YouTube: https://youtu.be/8RspE0zdLeA (Images & Words)
Bushmills @ Web: 
www.bushmills.com (Whiskey Distillery)
Proximo Spirits @ Web: www.proximospirits.com (Spirits Company)

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