The Doctor by Monster Energy (Review)

Monster The Doctor (Valentino Rossi Energy Drink Caffein

Created in cooperation with 9-times MotoGP champion Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi and loaded with 32 milligrams of caffein per 100ml, this invigorating juice is said to be “the fastest Monster ever”. And indeed: The light citrus flavor and zippy character make The Doctor by Monster Energy an easy-to-sip stimulant that can be tossed down quickly and freely. In this regard, the beverage’s not overly sweet character (compared to other energy drinks) is also a big plus. While there’s still heaps of sugar in The Doctor, its mix does also contain enough fruitiness and sourness to taste of more than just liquified gummibears. All in all, this is easily one of the energy drink I buy the most often and I can fully recommend it to everyone in need of being brought “up to speed in a hurry”. Besides the juice itself, I am also a big fan of the embossed can, which lies very pleasantly in the hand – especially when coming straight out of the fridge.

by Tobi

Eye: Cleopatra yellow.
Nose: Fleeting and barely noticable with thin whiffs of lemon and bubblegum. There is also an artificial note that I cannot really pin down.
Palate: Sweet and sugary with yellow gummibears, orange nectar and Nutrasweet. A bit of citrus adds a sour component. Though it is less sweet than other energy drinks, The Doctor still makes you fear that your teeth will dissolve when you keep it in your mouth for too long.
Finish: Short, but freshening. Sugared pomelo chimes in and gives the aftertaste a slight bitterness.

Type: Energy drink
Region: USA
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 0%
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price range: ~1.80 Euro
More info:


  1. Hey Tobi, great to see that you finally focus on tasting the “really good stuff”. You should also try the pairing with vodka! ;-)

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