Ben Nevis 22yo by (Review)

Prior to this particular drop, German whisky mailorder and indie bottler Whic did already launch two other expressions in their “Nymphs of Whisky” series, namely a Glenturret 22yo and a Cambus 25yo. Since I missed out on both of them, however, the release of Whic’s new Ben Nevis 22yo marks my first encounter with one of these seductive nature spirits (pun intended). As is to be expected when a mere mortal meets a minor deity, it did not take long for the nymph to put me under her spell. Not only is this well-aged Highlands beauty a real eye-catcher, but also does she please the remaining senses with a fascinating interplay of delightsome scents and flavors. But keep in mind: Nymphs in general (and this one in particular) are shy creatures and hence they are not easy to get hold of. So if you did not grab a bottle of this Ben Nevis right after it got released, you will now have to do a bit of searching before you will find another one on offer. Still, this should not discourage you. Cause if you succeed, you will be rewarded with a sherry-matured single cask Scotch whisky of exquisite make and quality!

by Tobi

Eye: Dark mahagony wood.
Nose: Deep, elegant and complex. This 22-year-old Ben Nevis’ stunning nose opens with stewed plums, followed by dark chocolate. Further down there is also a sweet n’ sour balsamic note. Sticky toffee pudding, dusty book covers and luxury wooden furniture are part of the mix as well. The alcohol is very well integrated and the differing notes are in perfect harmony. Give the whisky some time to breathe and the sweetness from the fruits and the pudding steps forth. Mouth-watering!
Palate: When the rich, full-bodied liquid prances across your tongue, ripe plums and squashed blueberries mingle with roasted nuts and crisp raisins. A layer of dark pistachio chocolate floats above, while a few crumbles of perfumed tobacco lie underneath. This outstanding dram has all the qualities a graceful, old Highlands whisky should have!
Finish: The smooth finish is medium-long. Towards the end, the spirit becomes a little bitter (in a pleasant way). Now chewy licorice, old oak and dried grapefruit are the dominating notes. Brambles, plums and currants also shine through. Burnt caramel adds a shy sweetness as well as a certain “darkness”. A great finale, so much is sure!

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland (Highlands)
Age: 22 Years Old
Alc. volume: 52.0 per cent
Cask type: Sherry butt
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~110.00 Euro
More info: (Bottler)

*** Whisky sample kindly provided by Whic. ***


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