The Dingle Whiskey Bar in Dublin (Bar)

The Dingle Bar in Dublin (Irish Whiskey Pub Drink Afterwork Pot Still Malt Place Visit Travel)

Only a few hundred meters south of the river Liffey in the city center of Dublin resides The Dingle Whiskey Bar, a cozy dramming joint run by the same guys that perate the world-famous Temple Bar. The place is adjacent to a spacious pub and restaurant, so if you want to fill your belly before you start sipping the juice, you can do so directly next door. When my girlfriend and I popped in there on a Tuesday evening, The Dingle Whiskey Bar was well populated, but not over-crowded. We sat down at the bar and ordered two different Method And Madness expressions (4cl each) that set us back 17.30 Euro plus an earned tip. I would have ordered a second dram as well, but a guy next to us did not enjoy his Highland Park 12yo too much and asked me if I wanted to finish it. Since I quite like that dram, I gladly accepted the offer. So for the last half-hour of our stay, my girlfriend and I shared the kindly bestowed Orkney malt while chatting with our neighbor and his friends. We had good fun at The Dingle Whiskey Bar and I am sure you will also enjoy your visit when you go there.

by Tobi

Atmosphere: I quite liked it in there. The place is pretty small and narrow, but it has a cool vibe. On the evening of my visit, the other folks in attendance were open, friendly and talkative. No matter whether you take place at the counter or at one of the small tables further back – you will be in for a cozy, comfy and fun time.
Selection: “Over 170 whiskeys from around the world” says the sign at the entrance. Whereas the majority of the bottles on the menu comes from Ireland, there’s also a good selection of drams from Scotland and other parts of the world.
Price: As I only spent two days in Dublin so far, I cannot say how the prices compare to other dramming joints in town. As an outsider, I found them to be pretty decent. Not cheap, but also far from being unreasonable. Check out the pic in the gallery to get an impression of your own.
Service: The lady behind the counter was nice and attentive. My girlfriend and I felt like well-received guests.

Name: The Dingle Whiskey Bar
Type: Whiskey bar
Address: The Dingle Whiskey Bar, 45-47 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, United Kingdom
Opening hours: Mon to Thu from 4pm onwards, Friday from 2pm onwards, Sat and Sun from 12pm onwards
The Dingle Whiskey Bar @ Web:


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