Signature Edition One – St. Kilian releases its first 3 years old whisky (News)

St. Kilian Distillery releases Signature Edition One (German Single Malt Whisky Inaugural Release News)

Based in Rüdenau in Bavaria, St. Kilian is Germany’s biggest whisky distillery. The first drop of spirit trickled out of their custom-made Forsyths stills in 2016. Today, a bit more than three years later, they are proud to announce the release of their first fully matured single malt whisky. The Signature Edition One hit retail shelves earlier this week, creating quite a stir in the local whisky community – and beyond.

The 3-year-old whisky is composed from spirit matured in five different types of wood. Besides ex-bourbon, ex-rum and ex-sherry casks as well as bourbon-soaked quarter casks, St. Kilian also put some of its spirits into chestnut barrels (unlike Scotch, German whisky must not necessarily rest in oak). According to the official press release, the final product is a “mellow single malt with tropical fruit notes and a malty finish”. The Signature Edition One comes without coloring or chill filtration. It is now available in an edition of 20,000 bottles for a suggested retail price of 38.90 Euro.

Congrats to the whole team of St. Kilian Distillers for reaching this important milestone in the distillery’s history!

by Tobi

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    1. Oh, lovely. How long will you stay in Munich? The distillery’s about 3.5 hours away from the city. So visiting it would be a full day’s trip. Finding a bottle in a specialist shop in Munich shouldn’t be a problem though. Personally, I’ve not yet got hold of this whisky, but I am curious to try it. People seem to be enjoying it a lot at the moment.


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