2x Dutch Single Malt Whisky by Cley Distillery (Review Flight)

I first learned about Cley Distillery in March of this year during a business trip to Rotterdam. Usually, when I visit a place I have not been to before, I ask Google for whisky offerings nearby. And one of the all-knowing search engine’s suggestions was Cley Distillery. So I wrote an e-mail, arranged a meeting and visited the founders Paul and Maria at their micro distillery. During the lovely chat we had, we sipped Cley Distillery’s inaugural release, a three years old Malt & Rye in normal strength and cask strength. The quality of the product and the passion of the people behind it made me become an instant fan. Paul and I stayed in contact ever since. Last weekend, he was in the Hamburg area for work. So he popped in on my place, bringing along his latest creation – Cley’s recently released Dutch Single Malt Whisky. Like the Malt & Rye, it is triple distilled on an antique Dutch pot still and matured in ex-bourbon casks as well as virgin American oak casks. Whereas the latter were charred for the Malt & Rye, they got toasted for the Single Malt. My verdict: This is really good stuff, beautifully crafted and very tasty. Find out more about it in the following!

by Tobi

Cley Distillery Dutch Single Malt Whisky
(Made in Rotterdam • Matured in ex-bourbon casks • Finished in toasted American oak)

The regular version of the Single Malt by Cley Distillery is dangerously savory. Its well-developed nose has a good, solid stature. It opens with dried apricots, followed by crunchy pears and sticky toffee. Furthermore, it has delicate spices, such as dried cloves. The initial sip is sweet and syrupy. Step-wise, yellow and green fruits join in. And so do sugared redcurrants and crumbled white chocolate. During the lean finish, nougat and cocoa get poured over caramelized pears. A lovely finale! In summary, this is a damn good dram. For this, er have to thank a number of factors: the thoughtful make, the locally sourced ingredients, the small casks and the triple distillation, just to name a few. If you are looking for a special everyday dram with a great character and a beautiful craft approach, here it is!

Cley Distillery Dutch Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky
(Made in Rotterdam • Matured in ex-bourbon casks • Finished in toasted American oak)

Although it is the same spirit at a different ABV, the Cask Strength version of Cley’s Dutch Single Malt Whisky feels like a whole new kind of dram! It also has dried fruits and spices in the bouquet – albeit in a more intense form. Additionally, it is sweet with caramel creme and plum jelly. Plus, a traditional pastry specialty from my hometown called Kemm’sche Kuchen. On the tongue, the triple distilled whisky is fruity and flavorful with blackberries, redcurrants and rhubarb coated in brown and white chocolate. The mix is rounded off by fresh lemon spritz and finely grated ginger. The long finish is finger-licking good with more fruits and chocolate as well as cookie dough, leather and tobacco. The last-mentioned flavors chime in beautifully with the other notes and add a whole new level to the deep, satisfying spirit. Cley Distillery really did an fantastic job with this hand-crafted, small batch Cask Strength whisky!

Cley Distillery Dutch Single Malt (Single Malt Whisky / The Netherlands / 3yo / 40% / ~50 Euro)
Cley Distillery Cask Strength Dutch Single Malt (Single Malt Whisky / The Netherlands / 3yo / 52% / ~60 Euro)

Cley Distillery @ Web: https://www.cleydistillery.com/
Cley Distillery @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cleywhisky

*** Whisky bottles kindly provided by Cley Distillery. ***

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