Hedekaffe Whisky Coffee Beans made with Stauning Kaos (Review)

Hedekaffe Stauning Kaos Whisky Coffee (Denmark Tasting Notes Blog)

My passion for whisky is not only limited to the spirit in its pure, unaltered form. I also love it when my favorit alcoholic beverage mingles with other delicacies I have a passion for, such as craft beer or coffee. “The Taste of KAOS” by Hedekaffe falls into the latter category. To create it, the Danish roasting house drenched its quality beans in whisky from the acclaimed Stauning Distillery. During the following roast, the alcohol disappeared while the flavor remained. This makes Hedekaffe’s Whisky Coffee Beans a sweet, spicy and aromatic coffee with an exciting character and profile. If – like me – you are a whisky buff who really loves his coffee in the morning and in the afternoon, this special edition will appeal to you in more than just one way. The bag I bought at the Stauning booth at Man’s World in Hamburg last year contains ready-to-use coffee powder. But you can also get “The Taste of KAOS” in the form of unground beans from the Hedekaffe webstore.

by Tobi

Eye: Dark, earth-like.
Nose: The nose is predominantly woody and sweet, but there is also a slight sourness and a mild spiciness. I smell, among others, dark chocolate, strawberry jelly, wild berries, nutmeg powder and creamy caramel.
Palate: In the mouth, the coffee is generally light and lean, albeit with a full and punchy taste. Expect a lot of brambles, peaches, toffee, vanilla and lime zest. Also some macadamia nuts. While I had Stauning Kaos at various occasions, I would need to taste it side by side with the coffee to pin down the contribution it made here. Yet, I trust the good folks at Hedekaffe when they say that “the genuine taste of Stauning Whisky is reflected in this coffee”.
Finish: A prominent finish in which the sweet notes from before turn dark and damp and earthy. The spices also step forth together with some “green” veggie notes.

Type: Whisky-soaked coffee
Region: Denmark
Alc. volume:
Used whisky: Stauning Kaos
Package size: 200 gram
Price range: ~10.00 Euro
More info: https://www.hedekaffe.dk/ (Roaster) ; https://www.stauningwhisky.com/ (Distillery)


    1. Same here. I am a total sucker for craft beer matured in whisky casks. Got a few cool bottles at home at the moment, e.g. Imperial Stouts by Brewdog and Wacken Brewery drawn from Islay and Craigellachie casks. Great stuff!

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