3 Indie Bottlings from DeinWhisky.de – Tobermory & Laphroaig (Review Flight)

3x Exclusive Indie Bottling by DeinWhisky.de with Claxton's and Malts of Scotland (Tobermory Laphroaig Single Cask Scotch Whisky)

German mailorder DeinWhisky.de carries a great selection of malts, grains and blends from all over the world – including a number of exclusives. They regularly cooperate with distilleries and indie bottlers to bring special releases to their online shop. Recently, I have taken a closer look at three of these limited editions. In particular, I have sipped two Tobermorys by Claxton’s (drawn from the same cask but finished in different octaves) and one Laphroaig from Malts of Scotland (which was completely sold out after three hours). I must admit that the exclusives from DeinWhisky.de only popped up on my radar a short while ago. But now that I know more about them, I will keep them in my sights. After all, the ones I already degusted were real treats that left big, lasting impressions on me!

by Tobi

Tobermory 11yo PX by Claxton’s
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • 1st fill PX octave finish • 54.2% • 68 bottles)

Oh, the freshness! It’s a quality often to be found in the whiskies from Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull. In regard to its character, this indie release from Claxton’s is quite chewy and gooey. Still, the cooling melange of mint leaves, ginger slices and light fruits is very present in it, too. In the nose these fragrances form a nice counterpart to the thick PX notes (raisins, dates, redcurrants, nougat). The mouthfeel is heavy and the flavors are delicate. I get cooked fruits, sugared berries and jellied plums sprinkled with cinnamon powder and cocoa bits. The medium finish is smooth and silky to the throat. It has strawberries, plums, grapes and natural licorice. I really like the interplay of the crisp house style and the lavish Pedro Ximenez cask in this top quality single cask whisky!

Tobermory 11yo Oloroso by Claxton’s
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • 1st fill Oloroso octave finish • 55.3% • 69 bottles)

Another 11-year-old Tobermory from a sherry cask by Claxton’s. This time, however, the whisky slept amidst Oloroso-soaked wood. It is appealing to the eye and alluring to the nose. I find it to be as sweet as its sister bottling. Yet, it also feels a bit dustier and darker. The nose has Mon Cheri chocolate, strawberry jam, elderflower juice, coffee beans and soft leather. The alcohol clocks in at 55.3 per cent. It is wonderfully balanced, producing a mild burn that has an invigorating effect. Taste-wise, the whisky brims with dark, sugared berries and overripe, sweet stone fruits. It offers dark chocolate, syrup, licorice and brambles, too. The aftertaste is characterized – first and foremost – by a very savory sweetness. Plum jelly, milk chocolate, espresso foam, cereal bars and soft spices make for a wonderful finale. This is a “class A” bottle, for sure!

Laphroaig 16yo by Malts of Scotland
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Bourbon barrel • 52.7% • 180 bottles)

This Laphroaig 16yo from Malts of Scotland was sold out in next to no time! Now that I have tried it, I understand the run on it. The whisky opens with a sublime mix of fragrances: evening bonfires, musty curtains, burned almonds, soft toffees, green bananas and Swiss cough drops. The latter stick out from the rest – there’s quite a lot of herbs in there! On the tongue, Laphroaig’s typical medical note comes through. It is part of a wonderful tapestry of flavors, also including brittle, malt, nettle, banana, coal and ash. I love how versatile, rounded and settled this well-aged smoker is. The aftertaste is softened but also defined. It has lasting notes of spearmint gums, pear slices, spring wood, brown sugar and cigarette smoke. No doubt: This is an absolute stunner!

Tobermory 2008/2019 PX (Single Malt / Islands / 11yo / Sherry cask / 54.2% / ~95 Euro)
Tobermory 2008/2019 Oloroso (Single Malt / Islands / 11yo / Sherry cask / 55.3% / ~95 Euro)
Laphroaig 2004/2020 (Single Malt / Islay / 16yo / Bourbon barrel / 52.7% / ~130 Euro)

DeinWhisky @ Web: https://www.deinwhisky.de/
DeinWhisky @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deinwhisky.de/

*** Whisky samples kindly provided by DeinWhisky.de ***

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