Weinquelle Lühmann starts new single cask whisky range “Weinquelle’s Whisky Choice” (News)

Weinquelle Lühmann announces Caol Ila 10yo as first bottling in Weinquelle's Whisky Choice (Single Cask Malt Scotch Islay News)

In the Northern Germany and beyond, Weinquelle Lühmann has an strong reputation as a top-quality spirits retailer. So far, their business centered around the selling of wine, whisky and other spirits through their stores in Hamburg and Siek as well as their online shop. Going forth, they will also be active in another field: indie bottling. Their first release is a Caol Ila 10yo from a hogshead. It is bottled in cask strength without coloring or chill filtration. The peaty Islay malt is marks the debut release in the new-formed product line Weinquelle’s Whisky Choice. It is exclusively available from Weinquelle for EUR 79,90 (plus postage). Congrats on the release of your first indie bottling, guys! I cannot wait to try it!

by Tobi

Weinquelle @ Web: https://www.weinquelle.com/
Weinquelle @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeinquelleLuehmann/
Weinquelle @ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/WeinquelleLuehmann/


    1. Yeah! I lived three doors away from the store for the past 8 years. So I went there regularly. Luckily, my new flat’s only slightly further away – so I could easily go there yesterday after work and buy a bottle. :)

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