3x Scotch from DeinWhisky.de – Cameronbridge, Bunnahabhain & Tamdhu (Review Flight)

3x Scotch Whisky by DeinWhisky.de (Single Malt Grain Douglas Laing Cameronbridge Bunnahabhain Islay Tamdhu Tasting Notes Blog)

New exclusives from DeinWhisky.de always get me excited. For these special bottlings, the shop’s owner Sebastian always teams up with renowned distilleries or bottlers. Most recently, he has done so with Glasgow-based whisky company Douglas Laing and Speyside-located production site Tamdhu. This resultet in three very different releases, each of which is a total winner in its own way. To learn more about the Cameronbridge 28yo Old Particular, the Bunnahabhain 14yo Old Particular and the Tamdhu 14yo Distillery Bottling, check out my reviews below!

by Tobi

Cameronbridge 1991/2020 Old Particular
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Refill sherry butt • 55.2% • 355 bottles)

Wanna know a not-so-well-guarded secret: When a grain whisky gets released under the Old Particular banner, you can buy it blindly. Honestly: With little to no exceptions, these drams provide superb value for very friendly prices. And seldomly was this more true than in the case of this sherry-matured Cameronbridge 28yo, which was bottled exclusively for DeinWhisky.de. Its copious nose offers cocoa powder, cookie crumbles, coconut flakes and vanilla sundae topped with thickish seabuckthorn puree. The taste is sweet and raisiny at first; almost like a rum. Then the whisky’s complexity builds up – step by step, layer after layer. Mars bars, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, summer straw, egg nog and gummy bears come to mind during the degustation. The aftertaste is dry and warming on the one hand; it is powerful and punchy on the other. And it is pretty long. This is surprising, because single grains do not always produce such lasting echoes. The final flavors I find in this wonderful Cameronbridge 28yo are milk chocolate, gingerbread, orange zest and dried plums. Once they are gone, I find myself screaming for more – luckily, I can easily still this craving. I have ordered a full bottle, which has already arrived!

Bunnahabhain 2005/2020 Old Particular
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Refill barrel • 54.9% • 225 bottles)

This 15-year-old single cask bottling from Bunnahabhain Distillery yells “Summer!” from the top of its liquid lungs. Its bouquet is citrusy and refreshing with full-bodied limoncello, chewy honey cake and creamy vanilla yoghurt. Further in the back, Turkish nougat provides stature, while a bit of sea spray adds a maritime touch. On the tongue, unpeated Islay malt is leveled, clean and weighty. Its most striking tastes: yellow fruits, white chocolate, buttermilk, pastry and spring flowers. Towards the end, the whisky becomes more and more fruity. It leaves behind pronounced notes of passion fruit, lemon curd, vanilla sauce and cloudy apple juice. Price-wise, this fine dram from the Old Particular range would set you back around 85 Euro. A fair amount for a top-quality single cask bottling from a seasoned distillery!

Tamdhu 2006/2020
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Sherry cask • 59.7% • 364 bottles)

Last year, DeinWhisky.de released an immensely sherried Tamdhu 13yo that sold out quickly and gained kind of a cult reputation. Now, the follow-up bottling is out! It is sumptuous, sweet, a wee bit spicy … and daaark! The first sniff reveals dried fruits (cherries, currants and apricots) alongside wild strawberries, creamy nougat and autumnal wood. Later, these scents get enshrouded in a thin cloud of powdered spice. The mouthfeel is rich and opulent with a fine juiciness and a high but aptly integrated ABV. It brims with mouthwatering flavors: almonds, berries, raisins, coffee beans and Black Forest cake. The finish is continuous, warming and good … very good! It has fruit, chocolate, spice, grape and also some wood. A classy ending to a grade-A Speyside malt.

Cameronbridge 1991/2020 Old Part. (Sin. Grain / Lowl. / 28yo / Ref. sherry butt / 55.2% / ~79 Euro)
Bunnahabhain 2005/2020 Old Particular
(Single Malt / Islay/ 15yo / Refill barrel / 54.9% / ~85 Euro)
Tamdhu 2006/2020 (Single Malt / Speyside / 14yo / Sherry cask / 59.7% / ~190 Euro)

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*** Whisky samples kindly provided by DeinWhisky.de. Thank you. ***

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