3x Scotch Whisky from The GlenAllachie’s Wine Cask Series (Review Flight)

The GlenAllachie Wine Cask Series (Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Oak Tasting Notes BarleyMania)

With Billy Walker at the helm, The GlenAllachie has undergone a terrific transformation! Whereas the Speyside unit was mostly a supplier for blends in the past, it has now made a name for itself as a #1 source for single malts, single casks and even premium blends – some launched by the distillery itself, some released by indie companies. One value that has become especially characteristic for the “new” GlenAllachie is its strong eagerness to innovate. Be it extraordinary wood types or creative cask combinations – The GlenAllachie often surprises its fans by giving its traditional single malt Scotch whiskies a little twist. One of the distillery’s most recent creations is the Wine Cask Series, which puts full emphasis on the different nature of Italian, French and Spanish oak. Originally, this new range launched as a three-piece: Number one is an 11 Years Old finished in barriques from the Grattamacco winery near Florence, Italy. Number two is a 12 Years Old finished in casks that previously held sweet white wine from the Sauternes region near Bordeaux, France. Number three is a 13 Years Old finished in vessels from the famous Rioja area in the North of Spain. In all three cases, the whisky was laid to rest in ex-bourbon barrels first. Then, it was put into the afore-mentioned barrels for close to two years. While each specimen of The GlenAllachie’s Wine Cask Series has its own character, they also share a number of similarities; the most general one being this: The 11 Years Old, the 12 Years Old and the 13 Years Old are all really mouth-watering!

by Tobi

The GlenAllachie 11yo Grattamacco Cask Finish
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 48%)

Oh, the sweetness! This GlenAllachie 11yo was finished in a cask from the Grattamacco winery in Italy. Quite fittingly, its immensely creamy and chocolatey bouquet is all tiramisu and mochaccino with an amaretto-soaked cherry on top. The whisky’s mouthfeel is more on the dense and heavy side, but it is not all gooey. Besides an abundance of milk chocolate, this delish dram also offers orange juice, citrus sorbet, banana milkshake, strawberry toffee and vanilla sauce. The aftertaste is mid-long and satisfying. Its most prominent notes are candied almonds and peach rings as well as orange zest, raspberry jelly and a wee pinch of grated cinnamon. As it fades, the dram becomes milkier; and at the same time also fruitier. A beautiful development!

The GlenAllachie 12yo Sauternes Cask Finish
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 48%)

The Sauternes-matured expression of The GlenAllachie’s Wine Cask Series opens somewhat shy. It takes a bit for the sweet and creamy scents to unfold. When I take a deep sniff, I register vanilla pudding, brioche buns and canned peaches. Additionally, there is also some fruity pineapple juice and an aromatic splash of white wine. Plus a wee bit of spice (clove, sweet pepper). In the mouth, the whisky feels dryish on the one hand and creamy on the other. It has lots of caramel sauce spread over pear chunks, peach rings and melon slices. Some zesty lemon provides a bit of fizz. Furthermore, I taste yeast dough, oatmeal cookies and – again – vanilla pudding. The finish is swift, but good. It emphasizes on lemons, grapes, cotton candy and oak. Additionally, there are also a few milk chocolate sprinkles. I must admit that I am not always totally enthusiastic for Sauternes cask maturations. Now and again, I find these special white wine casks to throw the flavor profile a little off balance by adding some rather harsh notes. Luckily, this is not the case for The GlenAllachie’s new 12yo with a Sauternes Wine Cask Finish, which is very smooth, pleasant, well balanced and good.

The GlenAllachie 13yo Rioja Cask Finish
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 48%)

The oldest bottling in The Wine Cask Series from The GlenAllachie comes with a finish in a Spanish oak barrel from the Rioja region. The rosé colored spirit starts off with an elegantly fruity nose. It offers many gems and treasures you find at the edge of a wood: wild strawberries, squashed rosehips and soft brambles. Other aromas include fresh blood oranges, aromatized cigar leaves and a wee bit of chewy toffee. Some of these smells are so juicy they make you drool, others are so dry they tickle your nose. During its gentle transgression from the glass to the lips, the whisky prances playfully. Regarding the taste, this delish Speyside malt offers a good mixture of juicy fruits (cherries, strawberries, red currants) and chewy treats (cookie dough, nougat, caramel). The longer the tasting lasts, the stronger the last-mentioned notes become. Simultaneously, the fruit notes fall back into a supporting role. The smooth and velvety finish is of a similar nature: It starts with sugared red berries and ends with runny noisette crème. In between, some spicy and zesty notes further elevate the very pleasing sensory experience.

The GlenAllachie Grattamacco (Single Malt / Speyside / 11yo / Italian wine cask / 48% / ~60 Euro)
The GlenAllachie Sauternes (Single Malt / Speyside / 12yo / French wine cask / 48% / ~60 Euro)
The GlenAllachie Rioja (Single Malt / Speyside / 13yo / Spanish wine cask / 48% / ~60 Euro)

The GlenAllachie @ Web: https://theglenallachie.com/
Kirsch Import @ Web: https://kirschwhisky.de/

*** Whisky samples kindly provided by The GlenAllachie. Thank you. ***

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