Fary Lochan 7yo Distillery Edition with PX Finish (Review)

Fary Lochan 7yo Distillery Edition PX-Finish (Danish Single Malt Whisky Tasting Notes Blog BarleyMania)

When I met Fary Lochan’s CCO and Chairman Thomas Smidt-Kjærby in Hamburg last Saturday, he told me something that really lightened up my heart: After a lengthy corona break, the distillery has meanwhile opened its doors to visitors again. And the drammers in Denmark seem to be very happy with this development. Several times a week, groups of whisky enthusiasts arrive at Fary Lochan to take a look around the premises. On this occasion, they also get the chance to buy a special whisky that is not available anywhere else: Fary Lochan’s Distillery Edition. Currently, Batch 03 sits on the shelves in the visitor center. With an age of slightly over seven years, it is respectably well-matured for a whisky from Scandinavia. And it is remarkably well-made, too! The rich and creamy dram spent its first six years in two 2nd fill ex-bourbon quarter casks. Afterwards, it slept for another year in a 1st-fill PX hogshead. I absolutely love how the additional maturation added a wonderful sweetness to the thick and oily liquid without ever becoming too dominant. Here, the craftsmen at the distillery have found the perfect moment to release the PX hoggie from duty and bottle its content. If, by any chance, you happen to be in the small Danish town of Fare in the next weeks, I totally recommend you to stop by at Fary Lochan Distillery and buy this whisky while it lasts. All in all, there are 250 big bottles a 0.5 liters available plus 1,000 samples a 5cl. In my opinion, any of these would mark a splendid addition to your collection!

by Tobi

Eye: Time-worn gold.
Nose: At first, I register a sumptuous sweetness as juicy honey cake, runny caramel sauce and molten vanilla ice cream enter my nostrils. Then, I also make out some fresh wood shavings, a fine ounce of spice and a spoonful of burnt brittle. Way in the back, the mix gets rounded off by a whiff of fresh-baked puff pastry and a shadow of canned peach. The scents are dense, thick and mouthwatering.
Mouth: As soon as the spirit hits the tongue, Fary Lochan’s unique distillery character shows itself: The texture is oily, the mouthfeel is smooth, and the flavor profile is bright. I get, among others, yeast dough, citrus peel, orange pudding, pear chunks and white pepper. The PX casks adds “golden” notes rather than “dark” ones: I taste sultanas, beeswax, almond creme and yellow-colored wine gums. It is amazing how the sherry cask gives the whisky a very delicate sweetness without overpowering the other aromas. To me, Fary Lochan’s current Distillery Edition marks a prime example of a top-class Danish whisky with a masterful extra-maturation.
Finish: During the memorable aftertaste, the afore-mentioned brightness gets complemented by cassis, blueberry and dark cherry. The wine gums return as well; but now they are of a purple kind.

Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Denmark
Age: 7 years old
Alc. volume: 47.3 per cent
Cask type: ex-Bourbon & PX
# of bottles: 250
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price range: ~90.00 Euro
More info: https://farylochan.dk/ (Distillery)

*** I kindly received the bottle for free from Fary Lochan. Thank you. ***

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