3x Single Cask Whisky by Whic: Edradour 10yo, Mortlach 14yo & Strathmill 15yo (Review Flight)

3x Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Whic.de (Edradour, Mortlach & Strathmill)

In regard to the provided benefit, this blog post rather serves an archiving purpose than a recommendatory one. That is because all of the three single cask releases reviewed here – Edradour 10 Years Old, Mortlach 14 Years Old, and Strathmill 15 Years Old – sold out within hours rather than days. Considering how popular dark-as-night sherry bombs are among contemporary drammers, that is not much of a surprise. Just check out the photos below and you will get an idea of why these whiskies, which are part of the new bottling lines “Spirits of the forest” and “Edda”, created such big interest among Whic’s passionate fans. Yet, very dark color is not the only quality this trio posseses. All three single cask releases have quite a bit to offer to the nostrils and the tastebuds, too!

by Tobi

Edradour 2011/2022 “Spirits of the forest”
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 47% • 770 bottles)

Judging by this 10-years-old Edradour’s almost-black color, the “Spirits of the forest” are not to be found on light clearings, but in the deep and thick undergrowth. This particular specimen is the first of its kind. Its scent is sweet and juicy with lots of red fruits, dark berries, purple wine gums and soft n’ chewy raisins. Additionally, there are also cola drops, citrus mousse and fresh oak. Plus lighter notes, too (e.g., canned tangerine). The taste is maximum sherry! You can expect, among others, natural licorice, brandied peach, squeezy grapefruit, burnt brittle, malaga ice cream and whipped cream. Overall, the whisky feels a bit less sweet on the tongue than it felt in the nose. The elevated strength is well chosen and the flavors show pretty good balance! During the half-long aftertaste, the dram brightens up. The licorice, the brittle, and the grapefruit remain present. They are now joined by strawberries, plums, and mangoes. Towards the very end, the whisky develops a mineral quality, too.

Mortlach 2007/2022 “Edda – Óðinn
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 52.2% • 698 bottles)

A Mortlach from a single sherry cask? When I hear that term, the first association that comes to my mind is “meaty”. And indeed: Upon first sniff, I get a plate of juicy roast beef with fresh cranberries on the side. In addition, I can also smell red cherries, lemon jelly, icing sugar, and other sweet notes. Plus rosehip fruit and elderflower blossom. The taste and the mouthfeel can best be described as strong, full, and sharp with a variety of half-sweet sherry notes. Again, Mortlach’s signature meatiness is quite prominent here. It appears together with fresh apples, squeezy oranges, sweetened berries, different zests, aromatic herbs, and bitter(-ish) English marmalde. The farewell chant reverberates for a while; it is heavy on beef, bramble, cherry, salmiac, oak, and very cocoa-rich chocolate.

Strathmill 2011/2022 “Edda – Þórr”
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Speyside • 60.5% • 679 bottles)

Color-wise, Whic’s Strathmill 15 Years Old is a wee bit lighter than the Mortlach 14 Years Old, which preceded it in the “Edda” series – yet, this sherry matured Speysider is still a very dark dram! To the nostrils, it presents itself a wee bit shut a first. But once it has opened up, the rich spirit produces a wealt of cocoa powder, strawberry pudding, vanilla cake, alcohol-drenched cherry, and refreshment sticks (the ones with the orange syrup core enshrouded by a choc n’ sugar hull). There’s also a fine whirl of precious spices and a thin layer of old parchment. When I sipped it, the whisky immediately made me yell “Oh, the chocolate!” as it flooded my oral cavity with Belgian truffles and dark-choc graters.  Furthermore, it offered cooked plums, cocktail cherries, and mixed berries. There was lots of sweetness to be found in here, too; and the high ABV produced a good burn. The aftertaste was lengthy and fruity with creamy chocolate pudding drenched in raspberry sauce. Also, I got blueberry jam, lemon cake, icing sugar, and light-colored wine gums. Plus a spritz of pineapple juice straight out of the can. And last but not least, the finish also contained a darker undertone that reminded me of burnt ginger cookies.

Edradour 2011/2022 “Spirits of the forest” (Single M. / Spey. / 10yo / Sherry B. / 47% / ~70 Euro)
Mortlach 2007/2022 “Edda” (Single Malt / Spey. / 14yo / Sherry Butt / 52.2% / ~150 Euro)
Strathmill 2006/2022 “Edda” (Single Malt / Speyside / 15yo / Sherry Butt / 60.5% / ~120 Euro)

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*** Whisky samples kindly provided by Whic. Thank you. ***

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