Indri Trini – Indian Single Malt Whisky Virtual Launch Event (Tasting)

Indri Trini Indian Single Malt Whisky Virtual Launch Event by Prineus

This might be the first time you will hear of Indri Single Malt Whisky from India; but it will certainly not be the last! There is a good reason why many drammers over here will most likely not have stumbled upon this brand before: For the past ten years, the Indri Distillery at the foot of the Himalayas has only operated domestically, selling the bulk of its malt spirit to local producers of low-priced Indian blends. Some of their output, however, they have put aside to ripen unhurriedly. Under the guidance of master blender Surrinder Kumar (formerly with Amrut) and master distiller Graeme Bowie (formerly with Angus Dundee Distillers), the distillery – whose six copper pot stills produce well over 3,000,000 liters of alcohol per year – has thus amassed a respectable stock of 40,000 casks! And now they have deemed the time ready to carry their whisky out into the world, with Germany being their first market to enter. Over here, Indri Single Malt Whisky is being distributed by Prineus GmbH, who recently introduced the new horse in their stable to a select group of business partners and media contact via a virtual launch tasting.

Our host was Madhu Kanna from the distillery’s mother company Picadilly Group (which besides alcoholic beverages is also active in the fields of ethanol and sugar manufacturing, hospitality, and media). At 11 p.m. local time, he welcomed us to a 80-minute get-together during which he got us up to speed about the history, purpose, and vision of Indri Distillery. And, of course, he also treated us to a couple of drams from Indri’s first-ever international product: Trini. The whisky is triple-matured, which means it is composed from spirit matured in three different cask types, namely ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and ex-PX sherry. The individual components are between five and seven years old. This is quite remarkable considering how quick a whisky matures in the Indian climate, where the angels steal 10 to 12 per cent of a cask’s content every year. In composing Trini, the Indri team put special emphasis on balance. “No single wood type overpowers the others,” Madhu told us. “They are all well balanced to contribute to the creation of a harmonious whole.”

And indeed: Indri Trini Single Malt Indian Whisky is finely equilibrated, aptly orchestrated, and immensely flavor-rich! The dram, whose natural color is a darkened orange-red, opens with the thick and condensed scent of a sumptuous tropical fruit salad (mango, papaya, pineapple). Furthermore, it also smells of lemon peel and orange zest as well as oak, nut, and perfumed potpourri. From further down, the sweetness of burnt brittle and crumbled cookie can be sensed, too. To the palate, Trini first and foremost delivers more exotic fruits, such as pineapple, banana, lychee, and grape. Then there’s cocktail cherries soaked in liqueur. Plus sticky red marmalade and a refreshing lemony fizz. The whisky has a solid body, but it is also not bar of a certain elegance. The good finish is driven by crushed pepper and dark chocolate alongside the omnipresent yellow and orange fruits. At this point, the dram becomes increasingly creamy as well, producing yummy notes of caramel, vanilla, and banana split. From first sniff to final swallow, Indri Trini has a lot to offer!

If you now got curious to try some Indri whisky for yourself, you will be happy to hear this: A full 0.7 litre bottle of Trini is available from specialist spirit retailers for under 40 Euro. Needless to say that this is a pretty good rate for a whisky of such origin, make, complexion and quality! So keep your eyes peeled and if you get the chance, go for it and try this new single malt whisky from India. Now that I have been introduced to it in such a good way by the very knowledgeable and charismatic Mr. Kanna, I can totally recommend it!

by Tobi

The dram

Indri Trini (Single Malt Whisky / India / Bourbon, PX, red wine casks / 48% / EUR 39)

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*** I was kindly invited to the event by Prineus GmbH and given a bottle for free. Thank you. ***

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