Mosgaard Cask Experiment Series No 2 (Review)

Header image of Mosgaard Cask Experiment Series No 2

The name “Cask Experiment Series” says it all: Within this special line of whiskies, acclaimed Danish production site Mosgaard Distillery releases bottlings with out-of-the-ordinary wood formulas and one-of-a-kind maturation histories. So far, there have been two releases in the “Cask Experiment Series”, the second and most recent of which I am reviewing today. Mosgaard Cask Experiment Series No 2 came of age in three different vessels: an ex-Bourbon barrel, a Moscatel cask, and a Cherry Wine cask. The latter, so it seems to me, had an extra-strong influence on the spirit. It instilled in it a sweet-scented and sweet-tasting fruitiness (cherries n’ berries) that feels somewhat un-whisky-ish, but totally rocks nonetheless. This peculiar note adds to the well-crafted malt an additional layer of depth, and gives us lucky drammers yet another reason to be excited. Both literally and figuratively speaking, it constitutes the often-quoted cherry on top of a highly complex, stimulating, and satisfying single malt whisky that amazes me again and again with every new glass I pour myself!

by Tobi

Eye: Shiny orange-brown.
Nose: The light-footed, brandishing bouquet is sweet, delicate, and elaborate. It offers sugared red berries, cherry-flavored lollipops, alc-soaked cocktail garnishes, dried orange slices, crumbly caramel fudge, toasted raisin bread, and intense kitchen spices. The differing notes have a most peculiar dynamics, shifting back and forth between dripping wet and dusty dry.
Mouth: Mosgaard Cask Experiment Series No 2 presents itself as exciting to the tastebuds as it does to the nostrils! When I savor it, I experience all kinds of succulent flavors: Tasteful red fruits. Meaty stone fruits. Aromatic rosehip tea. Delicate blackcurrant jam. Crunchy brittle. Caramelized nuts. Long-baked cookies. Burnt raisins. Whipped cream. Time-honored oak. Some liquorice. And a wee bit of old, dusty parchment – with dark cherry juice dripped all over.
Finish: The aftertaste lasts for a good while. It emphasizes on brambles, cherries, redcurrants, and cooked strawberries. Plus brown sugar, sweet syrup, char-coaled wood, and cooled-off tea. Occasionally, the whisky also turns into a “green-ish” direction now, surprising us with somewhat unexpected notes of unripe kiwi and crisp gooseberry. Another peculiarity worth mentioning: At this point, the spirit has almost completely lost its dryness. It exits with fruit and juice and sweetness galore!

Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Denmark
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 58.3 per cent
Cask type: ex-Bourbon, Moscatel & Cherry wine
# of bottles: 420
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price: ~90.00 Euro
More info: (Distillery)

*** I purchased the bottle as a regular customer. ***

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