Cameronbridge 13yo “Coven of Resurrection” by Whisky of Voodoo (Review)

Courageous and creative indie bottlers Brave New Spirits picked their name for a reason. After all, the Glasgow-based whisky mavens often release bottlings that have colorful designs, curiosity-raising names, and out-of-the-ordinary maturation histories. Whereas their latest outturn – Cask Noir – took inspiration from the hard-boiled detective movies of the 1940s and 1950s, the bottle drop before – Whisky of Voodoo – celebrated all things magickal, obscure, and supernatural. Both the candle-lit pentagram on the label and the “Coven of Resurrection” monicker leave no doubt that the dram I am reviewing here is part of the Whisky of Voodoo selection. Within its green and black belly, the bottle holds a really fascinating liquid: a red wine-finished Cameronbridge 13 Years Old that – despite its not-so-old age for a grain – has both a ton of flavor and a ton of character. Though this small batch release might have been up to a slow start back when it came out in June 2022, interest in the “Coven of Resurrection” seems to have picked up lately; at least I keep seeing this yummy Cameronbridge pop up more and more often in whisky groups at Facebook, where happy drammers show one or more bottles of it as their latest scores. Right now, you can still get the “Coven of Resurrection” for under 60 Euro. But who knows how long this will still be the case …

by Tobi

Eye: Pretty dark.
Nose: Lotsa grain and lotsa cask! The red wine finish has clearly left its mark on the spirit, filling it to the brim with crunchy brittle, roasted nuts, overbaked cake, and a helluva lot of sulphur (the latter-mentioned “off-note” being one of my most beloved guilty pleasures). Furthermore, I smell old leather and dusty parchment. Time and again, a few brighter and fruitier notes shine through: cooked apples, sun-dried berries, runny vanilla sauce, and more.
Palate: The intial sweetness is quickly swept aside by a flood of walnut oil and blackberry jam as well as a rush of roast aromas, tannins, and zests. At this stage too, the “Coven of Resurrection” presents itself immensely brimstone-y and sulphur-y. Blood oranges and coffee beans play important roles in the flavor mix as well. As do strong licorice pastilles and purple-colored wine gums. Occasionally, the individual tastes receive an extra kick from the overproof ABV.
Finish: The finish lasts long (which is not a given for a grain whisky; especially a younger one). As compared to the previous degustation phases, the spirit becomes a little sweeter and chewier towards the end. I get toffee, raisin, kernel, and strawberry now. And, in contrast to that, more dark notes like licorice or plum jam.

Type: Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Region: Lowlands
Age: 13 Years
Alc. volume: 57.8 per cent
Cask type: 1st-fill red wine cask finish
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price: ~55 Euro
More info: (Bottler) ; (Importer)

*** I bought the bottle as a regular customer. ***

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