A Drop Of The Irish 10yo Peated by Blackadder (Review)

A Drop Of The Irish 10yo Peated by Blackadder (Single Malt Whiskey Ireland Cask Tasting Notes BarleyMania)

Whiskey is best enjoyed in good company. So I immediately agreed when my friend Aaron, who runs the Drams United blog, asked me if I wanted to try this 10-year-old Irish whiskey from Blackadder with him. Sniffing, sipping and dissecting the spirit together was good fun. (more…)

Black Snake – First Venom by Blackadder (Review)

BarleyMania - Black Snake First Venom - Exclusive Limited Edition Bottling For Germany (Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review Tasting Notes Vatting Vatted PX Sherry Cask)

Attention, this reptile is prone to biting! But don’t worry, when it pumps its venom into your veins, you will feel delighted rather than paralyzed. Called a “Whisky from the Old School” by its distributor, the Black Snake – First Venom is a natural cask strength bottling (more…)