The Quiet Man & Hyde German Tasting Tour 2016 (News)

BarleyMania - The Irish Challenge German Tasting Tour 2016 - The Quiet Man & Hyde Irish Whiskey

In November 2016, Vibrant Stills by Alba Import hosts a tasting tour across Germany called the Irish Challenge. It marks a great opportunity to get to know two distilleries from the Emerald Isle, namely The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and Hyde Irish Whiskey. The first hails from Derry and will be represented by Sales Manager Michael Morris. The second is located in West Cork and will be represented by founder Conor Hyde. The four-day tour stops by in the following cities:

Thu, November 22: Oranienburg (Weingarten Oranienburg)
Wed, Nobember 23: Göttingen (Galerie alte Feuerwache)
Thu, November 24: Wuppertal (Orthmann Weine)
Fr, November 25: Mannheim (Genuss im Quadrat)

Each distillery will introduce three drams plus one “goodie” from their distinct region. For more info, check out the official tour trailer on Facebook.

Vibrant Stills by Alba Import:
The Quiet Man:

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