Jameson Caskmates (Review)

Jameson Caskmates (Barley Mania Irish Whiskey Single Malt Craft Beer Stout Experimental)

Drink-wise, the Emerald Isle is particularly famous for its triple-distilled whiskey and rich-flavored stout beer. Since either of them tastes helluva good on its own, a marriage of both must be off the charts! That’s what the Master Distiller of the Jameson Distillery in Cork and the Head Brewer of the close-by Franciscan Well Brewery thought. So they exchanged casks and, by doing so, paved the way for the Jameson Caskmates — probably the world’s first whiskey finished in stout-seasoned oak barrels. What started as an experiment, turned out to be a perfect match. Inside the re-filled casks, the beer-infused wood gave the high-proof liquid a warm hug that released plenty of new flavours. The result is a smooth, sweet and creamy Irish whiskey that is unmistakabely a Jameson, yet does not taste like any other drink from the renowned distillery’s core range. If, like me, you are both a whisky fan and a beer drinker, you will find a new friend for life in the Jameson Caskmates!

by Tobi

Eye: “Straw-colored” golden.
Nose: Sweet and malty. Image taking a deep breath while strolling through a corn field on an enjoyable summer’s day.
Palate: A wonderful liaison of smooth whiskey and rich craft beer. Ripe hops and fresh-baked bread meet thick maple syrup and crumbly butterscotch candy.
Finish: Roud, pleasant and mouth-watering.

Type: Irish Whiskey
Region: Ireland
Age: No Age Statement
Alc. volume: 40%
Bottle size: 1.0 litres
Price range: ~35.00 Euro
More info: https://www.jamesonwhiskey.com

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