Wolfburn Distillery to win its first Gold Medal (News)

Wolfburn Northland (Barley Mania Whisky Scotch Single Malt Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition 2016 Gold Medal NAS)

Congratulations to Wolfburn from the very North of Scotland. At this year’s Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC16), their Northland whisky got bestowed with the gold medal in the category “Single Malt Scotch Whisky – No Age Statement”.It is the first award of this significance for the young distillery, which shipped its debut dram to the market in February 2016. “It’s a very special day for everyone at Wolfburn“, says Distillery Manager Shane Fraser, who “loved Northland from the very first dram [and is] incredibly pleased that it’s already gaining worldwide recognition”. Given the exceptional quality of Wolfburn’s releases – both in terms of taste and packaging – we are sure that many more accolades will follow.

by Tobi

Wolfburn’s official website: http://www.wolfburn.com/
Wolfburn’s Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/wolfburn/
Wolfburn’s German importer: http://www.albaimport.de/

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