Ardbeg Shortie – The perfect glass for a whisky on the go (Glassware)

Ardbeg Shortie (Barley Mania Whisky Scotch Single Malt Islay Nosing Glass Glassware Shots Drinks On The Go)

Ardbeg have rightfully received a ton of praise for their outstanding Islay whiskies. However, I neither want to compliment the legendary distillery on the brute force of the Corryvreckan today nor do I want to clap them on the shoulder for the immense peatiness of the Ardbeg Ten. And I also do not want to laud them for the perfect balance of the Uigeadail. Instead, I want to pay homage to an Ardbeg product that has most likely not taken the center stage too many times before. I am talking about a peculiar piece of glassware called the Ardbeg Shortie.

Solid, stalwart and space-saving, it is the perfect glass to accompany you on your whisky journeys outside your own four walls. One of many examples: Over the weekend, I went on a short trip to Gothenburg with the Stena Scandinavica. On board, I had the chance to try a variety of whiskies for 2 Euro per dram. The only downside: They were served in disposable plastic cups. Thanks to my Ardbeg Shortie, I was able to enjoy these fine spirits the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Later on, I also carried four of these functional and versatile glasses, as well as an almost-finished bottle of whisky, with me through the streets of Gothenburg. When our group stopped for a drink, some of my friends opened a can of beer while the maltheads among us poured ourselves a dram.

Sure, I could also have packed lean nosing glasses, bulbous whisky glasses or bulky glencairns. But in either case, there would have been a high chance of the glasses not making it home in one piece. Either they would have gotten crushed inside my backpack or they would have been too big to fit into the narrow compartment that seperated them from the massive bottle. Thanks to their small size and sturdy design, my Ardbeg Shorties did not run into any such problems. They even fitted in the pockets of our jeans or jackets, from where we could produce them easily and quickly whenever we needed them. While I do not always choose the Ardbeg Shortie when I pour myself a dram at home, I would not want to miss it when I travel, jaunt or stroll. It is the perfect glass for everyone who likes to take their whisky adventures outside every now and then!

by Tobi

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