Full design and key facts of Ardbeg Kelpie revealed (News)

Ardbeg Kelpie coming soon (Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Limited Edition Peated Committee Release BarleyMania)

Today, legendary whisky makers Ardbeg revealed the full design as well as the key facts of their annual special bottling 2017. Named Kelpie after a breed of hard-to-catch water spirits from Scottish mythology, the new Ardbeg pays homage to the deep sea surrounding the isle on which the distillery lies. The smoky liquid is partly matured in so-called Virgin Black Sea oak casks, which originate from the Adyghe Republic in the Southwest of Russia.

The regular version of the Ardbeg Kelpie is bottled with an ABV of 46 per cent. It will go on sale on Ardbeg Day (June 3, 2017) for a recommended retail price of GBP 98.00. Earlier, on March 16 to be precise, members of the Ardbeg Committee can already try their luck on scoring one of the strictly limited fan club releases in cask strength directly from the distillery’s website. Last year, the respective special edition of the Ardbeg Dark Cove sold out in next to no time. So getting hold of an Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release might be almost as tough as capturing an actual kelpie. With this in mind: Happy hunting, fellow Ardbeggians!

Ardbeg website: https://www.ardbeg.com/


  1. Good luck! If it’s anything like the Dark Cove committee release last year we’ll get an email at 8am on Thursday morning and the Ardbeg website will go into meltdown 30 seconds later. :)

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      1. So, how did it go with the Kelpie committee release this morning? Thankfully I managed to get a bottle but not before the website refused to accept my password. After a short panic I tried again and it worked.

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  2. I was lucky, too. In the German Ardbeg store, the whisky went on sale about 20 minutes early. I refreshed the page by happenstance and when it was already there, I ordered right away. Two minutes after the official start of the sale, all bottles were gone. Crazy! :D


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