Sujet – 3 Single Cask Whiskies By Whic (Review Flight)

Sujet by Whic (Macduff Fettercairn Tobermory Single Cask Malt Scotch Whisky Series Sherry Tasting Notes)

“Whisky is more than just a drink, it is liquid art”, says Whic’s exectutive director Arne Wesche. A statement we wholeheartedly agree with! To pay homage to the water of the life’s artisan quality, the Munich-based spirits mailorder has just released a new series of single cask bottlings called sujet, consisting of two 10-years-old Highland whiskies and one aged-with-dignity islands dram. All three expressions have been matured in exquisite casks, finished amidst premium-quality wood and bottled at cask strength without coloring or chill filtration. They come in massive glass bottles decorated with tasteful drawings by London-based artist Ruta Grigaitė. Considering how much thought and love have been put into the selection and presentation of the three whiskies of the sujet series, one thing is certain: These precious pours are everything but ordinary! In the following, we would like to introduce them to you in greater detail. (T)

Fettercairn – sujet I
( • Single Cask • Highlands • 2006/2017 • 52.6%)

As soon you pour this Fettercairn into your glass, you will nose intense fragrances of nougat and nuts. After a few minutes a pleasant honey sweetness steps forth, followed by more exotic notes of candied papayas and apricots as well as ginger. The first sip is extremely smooth. In it a welcoming sweetness mingles with lots of nuts, grapes and dark chocolate; the latter also predominates in the finish. All in all, I found this Fettercairn, which was matured in an ex-bourbon cask for 10 years before it got an 8-month finish in a Madeira hogshead, really delicious. Also, it was surprisingly gentle for a whisky bottled at an ABV of 52.6%. (A)

Macduff – sujet II
( • Single Cask • Highlands • 2006/2017 • 55%)

Like the Fettercairn introduced before, this Macduff also got finished in a Madeira hogshead after 10 years of maturation in an ex-bourbon cask. I guess it was this finish that added distinct notes of nougat and nuts to this whisky as well. This time, however, there are also a lot of citrus fruits, peaches and passion fruits. On the palate this Highland whisky satisfies you with nuts, chocolate, coffee, nougat and even a bit of salt. This sublime combination of flavors leads to a long, smooth and sweet finish. Bottled at cask strength with an ABV of 55%, the Macduff – sujet II certainly has a lot of punch. Yet, it is not overpowering at all and I found the aromas to be integrated perfectly. (A)

Tobermory – sujet III
( • Single Cask • Islands • 1995/2017 • 48.6%)

More than twice as old as its brothers from the Highlands, this 21-year-old Tobermory marks the grand finale of Whic’s sujet series. It spent over two decades in a first-fill bourbon hogshead before the well-aged liquid was filled into three cozy sherry octaves for an 8-month finish. The result is a full-flavored, high-value Scotch whisky, whose island heritage I would not have sensed in a blind tasting. While I often made out licorice and pepper notes in previous Tobermorys I had, this one is bursting with creamy chocolate and baked fruits. Rich and multi-faceted in the nose, it unfolds delicious aromas of dried oranges, sweet raisins, hot cocoa and liquid caramel. When sipped, the chocolate becomes more dominant, creating a lucious mouthfeel and ushering in a fulfilling finish. If you close your eyes and let the spirit slowly coat your tongue, you will instantly find yourself standing in the middle of a fabulously sorted confectionery, indulging in a million fragrances, tastes and impressions from only the finest bonbons, cakes and other treats. (T)

by Aaron & Tobi

Fettercairn – sujet I (10yo / Single Malt / Highlands / 52.6% / Madeira finish / 420 bottles / ~60 Euro)
Macduff – sujet II 
(10yo / Single Malt / Highlands/ 55% / Madeira finish / 400 bottles / ~60 Euro)
Tobermory – sujet III (21yo / Single Malt / Islands / 48.6% / Sherry octave finish / 231 bottles / ~120 Euro)

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*** Whisky samples kindly provided by Whic. ***

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