Whic.de releases free E-Book on Irish Whiskey (News)

Irish Whiskey - Whiskey Von Der Grünen Insel by Whic.de (E-Book Free Download Pot Still Irland Kostenlos)

Headquartered in Munich and stocking over 1,700 whisk(e)y-related items, Whic.de is currently one of the fasted growing online whisk(e)y retailers in Germany. While their main business does certainly lie in selling the water of life, they are also very eager to educate their customers on that very topic. Not only are their product descriptions extremely detailed and accurate, but also do they regularly release free e-books centering on a broad variety of whisk(e)y topics. Today, they launched their eighth such publication to date. Called Irish Whiskey – Whiskey von der Grünen Insel (which is German for “Irish Whiskey – Whiskey from the Emerald Isle”), the  fully illustrated document in PDF format spans across 3 chapters and 67 pages.

As of now, Irish Whiskey – Whiskey von der Grünen Insel is only available in German and can be downloaded for free from the company’s official website. Needless to say, our readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as those from abroad that understand the language are highly recommended to expand their Irish whiskey knowledge via this very handy resource.

Whic.de @ Web: http://www.whic.de/
Irish Whiskey E-Book @ Download: http://whic.de/irish-whiskey-ebook

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