Timorous Beastie 21yo Sherry Edition (Review)

Timorous Beastie 21yo by Douglas Laing (Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Highlands Sherry Tasting Notes)

Up in the Highlands ‘twixt mountains and glens,
There lives a wee beastie, our special friend.
He’s shy and he’s coy and he’s also quite jumpy.
But his heart’s made of gold and he never feels grumpy.

He winks at us drammers with black pinhead eyes,
Behind which the purest of characters lies.
Expectant and proud, he then gives us permission,
To try a real treasure: His Sherry Edition.

Matured to perfection for twenty-one years,
This blended malt is amazing, my dears.
It’s fruity and spicy. It’s complex and deep.
It got its flavours from two decades of sleep.

‘Twas kept in oak barrels imported from Spain,
A true sherry bomb, that’s what they’re sayin’.
If that’s to your liking, you better act fast.
Get hold of this Beastie while supplies last.

by Tobi

Eye: An orange complexion the liquid was given,
From the sherry casks in which it lay hidden.
Nose: Grapes, nuts and spices mingle in this,
While armchair leather tells how old it is.
Palate: Oh Beastie, of Beastie. My lovely companion.
Among sherry malts, thou art a true champion!
Finish: More grapes and more spices, also some wood.
This lil’ fella’s finish is smooth, long and good.

Type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland (Highlands)
Age: 21 Years
Alc. volume: 46.8%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~110.00 Euro
More info: http://www.douglaslaing.com/ (Website) ; https://www.facebook.com/dltimorousbeastie/ (Facebook)

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