“Whisky For Breakfast” by Robin Laing (Music)

"Whisky For Breakfast" by Robin Laing (Singer Songwriter Guitar Music Scotland Traditional CD Album)

Singer of songs, teller of tales, drinker of drams and giver of glee – Robin Laing is a man of many talents. In “Whisky For Breakfast”, his eigth solo album all together and his fourth so-called “whisky CD”, all of these traits coincide. Over the course of one hour, the charismatic whisky bard makes us his drinking buddies, inviting us over to “The Smallest Whisky Bar” and sharing with us more than just one glass of “Special Sippin’ Whisky”. Some of the songs Robin and his band perform for us are more on the playful side, while others are not bar of a slight melancholy. His pleasant voice backs the tunes in a beautifully laid-back way and the versed playing accentuates the numbers in a spirited manner. In his witty and well-crafted lyrics, Robin Laing pays homage to historic personalities (“Old Minmore”), acknowledges legendary distilleries (“Macallan”), praises outstanding drams (“Black Art”) and recites larger-than-life whisky myths (“Loons Is Loons”). The tone is funny, cheeky and light-hearted most of the time, but when the subject matter calls for it, Robin also becomes a bit more sombre and brooding (“Paul Campbell”). While I have already listened to this album dozens of times, it still keeps growing on me. No matter what mood I am in, I always find something to connect with in “Whisky For Breakfast”. When I am happy, it makes my feet bob almost automatically. When I am down, it lifts me up. And when I am thirsty, it makes me long for “The Arran Dram” or “The Bruichladdich Dram” even more.

by Tobi


01.) A Turquoise Frame Of Mind (03:59)
02.) Talisker Bay (03:42)
03.) Special Sippin’ Whisky (03:20)
04.) Macallan (03:47)
05.) The Arran Dram (04:07)
06.) Old Minmore (03:32)
07.) Whisky For Breakfast (04:46)
08.) Black Art (04:12)
09.) The Wee Cooper O’Fife (03:50)
10.) Monkey Shoulder (03:56)
11.) Snuffed Out (02:36)
12.) The Bruichladdich Dram (04:12)
13.) Paul Campbell (04:30)
14.) Loons Is Loons (02:10)
15.) The Smallest Whisky Bar (03:53)
16.) Ein Letztes Glas – Bonus Track (02:22)

Additional Info

Artist: Robin Laing
Album: Whisky For Breakfast
Label: Greentrax Recordings Ltd.
Format: CD
Style: Singer/Songwriter
Release: 2011
Running Time: 59:23 Minutes

Robin Laing @ Web: http://www.robinlaing.com/
Greentrax Recordings Ltd. @ Web: http://www.greentrax.com/

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