Douglas Laing’s Clutha Distillery to start production in 2019 (News)

Douglas Laing's Clutha Distillery in Glasgow (Single Malt Scotch Whisky River Clyde Announcement Reveal)

These are exciting times! With demand for single malt Scotch whisky at a height, a fair share of new distilleries have either been built or at least planned in recent years. One production site that I am particularly curious about is Douglas Laing’s upcoming Clutha Distillery in Glasgow. The yet-to-be-constructed unit will be located at the banks of the river Clyde (hence the name “Cultha”, which means “Clyde” in Gaelic) and start production in late 2019. If you are eager to follow the story of the distillery from day one, you are now invited to sign up for the official newsletter via Clutha Distillery’s website and become a fan of the associated Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The Clutha premises will of only house the distillery itself, but also a bottling plant, a visitor centre and Douglas Laing’s company headquarters. All in all, no less than 41 new jobs will be created by this exciting venture of which Douglas Laing’s Director of Whisky, Cara Laing, says: “We have long held this ambition for Douglas Laing to operate its own Distillery and bottling operation in Glasgow. Not only will it bring Whisky distilling back to the South Side of the city, it will create welcome jobs, generate significant additional high-value exports”.

To read the full press release and see additional mock-up images of the distillery, visit the “news” section of

by Tobi

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Clutha Distillery @ Web:
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