The Double Single by Compass Box (Review)

When The Double Single by Compass Box launched two years ago, I was an instant fan. Its concept, story and design hit all the right notes with me. Thus I went on to ask CB’s whisky maker Jill Boyd for an interview. At that time, I had not even tried the blend, whose only two components are malt whisky by Glen Elgin (72 per cent) and grain whisky by Girvan (28 per cent). So naturally, my questions focused on the idea behind this bottle rather than the spirit inside of it. A bit later, I got hold of a sample via a bottle share on Facebook and recently, I finally bought a bottle of my own. I was in love with this whisky from the very first sniff. And both the palate and the finish gave me more reasons to be fond of The Double Single. Today, it ranks among my very favorite Compass Box creations! While it does not reach a Flaming Heart or Phenomenology level of complexity, it is one of the most harmonious and balanced drams I ever had. All notes are in perfect equilibrium, bringing out the best in each other. The Double Single is elegant, light-footed, unconcerned, suave and amiable – just like the froggy pals that grace its label and tube!

by Tobi

Eye: Like the first sun ray in spring.
Nose: Light and prancing with a lovely fruitiness. First and foremost, I get a lot of green apples and pears – fully ripened and freshly picked from the tree. Then there is stewed and sugared rhubarb. Plus oven-warm apple muffin with white chocolate graters and a teeny-weeny bit of cinnamon. The Double Single’s bouquet is intense but gentle and opulent but delicate.
Palate: In the mouth, the two frogs are also very gallant and sophisticated. Here, the whisky feels pretty light and immensely fruity with a welter of green apples. They are accompanied by gooseberries and mini bananas. Further back, there is a fleeting sourness that mingles with a reluctant sweetness. Think dried citrus zest with a drop of honey on top. No matter how many sips I take or how long I leave the spirit in my mouth, it never burns or stings. This is as gentle a dram as it gets.
Finish: As they linger away, the cane-swinging companions leave us with wonderful notes of garden fruits, vanilla milk, pineapple juice, pastry and clover. The finish is not exceedingly long, but it is fantastic. The only reason I do not miss the two frogs already is because I know they will visit me soon again. And I will be happy to welcome them with open arms.

Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 46%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~170.00 Euro
More info:



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