Cafe Stalles in Rotterdam (Bar)

Cafe Stalles in Rotterdam (Dutch Single Malt Whisky Cask Bar Nightlife Dram BarleyMania)

When I learned that I would go on a five-day business trip to Rotterdam, I did what every drammer in such a situation would do: I checked on Google what the Dutch harbor town had to offer to whisky fans. One place I stumbled upon straight away was Cafe Stalles, which happened to be located in walking distance from the hotel I was staying in. As their menu promised some very nice drams for pretty good prices, I put Cafe Stalles on top of my “must see” list. And it remained there till the day I departed. On three of my five evenings in town I ended up going to this wonderful place; watching football, eating pizza and sipping drams. I hope I will not have to wait too long before I am back. After all, their well-sorted shelves do still house dozens of whiskies that I want to try…

by Tobi

Atmosphere: Cafe Stalles is pretty big and has a cool vibe. The walls are decorated with empty bottles and old memorabilia. Even though I came there during the week, the place was always packed with cheerful people. I instantly felt at home there.
Selection: The selection is top-notch! They have a huge number of whiskies available – both original bottlings and indie releases. Their inventory ranges from NAS to well-aged, from entry level to luxury segment and from very light to super-peaty. Plus, they have great craft beer on the tap as well!
Price: To be honest, I did not expect the prices to be that friendly. On average, a 2cl dram of a single cask whisky by a renowned bottler like Gordon & MacPhail, Signatory Vintage or The Ultimate cost between 4 and 6 Euro. Quite amazing for a bar, right?
Service: Excellent! The staff members are open, friendly and attentive. They even continued to treat me nicely after Germany beat Holland with 3:2 in the Euro qualifiers. ;)

Name: Cafe Stalles
Type: Whisky bar & restaurant
Address: Cafe Stalles, Nieuwe Binnenweg 11a , 3014 GA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Opening hours: Sun to Thu from 12 to 1 o’clock, Fri and Sat from 12 to 2 o’clock
Cafe Stalles @ Web:

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