Glen Mhor 42yo Vintage 1965 from Gordon & MacPhail (Review)

Glen Mhor 42yo Vintage 1965 from Gordon & MacPhail (Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Closed Distillery Rare Tasting Notes BarleyMania)

A unicorn!? Well, maybe not quite. But certainly no ordinary bottle either. When the barkeeper of Whiskycafe L&B in Amsterdam produced this 42-year-old (!) Highland malt by the disbanded Glen Mhor distillery from one of his many whisky-filled racks, my eyes lit up and the words “Oh yes, please” formed on my lips. At 18 Euro per 2 cl it was not cheap. But given the exclusivity of the bottle, it felt like a steal. I had seen photos of Glen Mhor before, but never the real thing. So I ordered a glass, took a sniff… and was in another world! The intensity and richness of the bouquet won me over in an instant. And the first, anxious sip futher added to my excitement. More than four decades of sleep have given this liquid gem from a mid-60s a fabulous softness and complexity. Consequently, it did not take long until I was in total whisky nerd mode. While the folks around me chatted, laughed and had a fun time, I brooded over my glass for half an hour and typed tasting notes into my phone. When I realized that they had turned out surprisingly detailed, I asked for the bottle again and took some BarleyMania-styled photos: a landscape header with the bottle on the righthand side and three square-shaped images of the dram, the label and the spirit in the glass. With that, I had everything I needed to feature this exceptional Glen Mhor 42yo Vintage 1965 from Gordon & MacPhail on my blog. I hope you enjoy the post resulting from this memorable dramming experience.

by Tobi

Eye: Weathered gold.
Nose: Even though the bottle must have been opened several years ago, the nose was super intense! It had plums, popcorn, brown sugar and autumn fruits with a fresh whiff underneath. There was also perfumed wood, lots of orange zest and some lemons. Plus a thin layer of cigarette puff. All in all, I found the bouquet of this very old Highlander to be stunningly complex and layered.
Palate: The gentle liquid pranced on the tongue. The first thing that came to my mind was an orange-flavored Nimm2 drop. It was joined by a bit of caramel, some herbs and a good dose of yellow fruits (especially pineapple slices) with warm vanilla sauce on top. And pancakes!
Finish: The aftertaste was strolling and fleeting. The bulk of the taste vanished rather quickly, but subtle notes stayed longer – these “keepers” were fruity, flowery and a tad sweetish. Among others, I sensed fresh kiwi, light elderflower and some very mild spices. Maybe a bit of milk chocolate, too. And blossoming clover. Compared to the intense nose, the palate and the finish seemed a bit shy at first. But when they got the time and attention they required, they unfolded beautifully.

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Highland
Age: 42yo
Alc. volume: 43 per cent
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~750.00 Euro
More info: (Distillery)


    1. Cheers, pal. If you ever go to Amsterdam, you gotta visit the Whiskycafe L&B. Their shelves are full of gems and treasures from long-forgotten times. And compared to what you’d pay for the drams elsewhere, the prices are insanely good!

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