Summer Wit Barrel Aged by ÜberQuell (Review)

Summer Wit Barrel Aged by Überquell (Bulleit Bourbon Craft Beer Hamburg St. Pauli Micro Brewery Tasting Notes)

Beer and whisk(e)y make a perfect match – not just side to side, but also bonded. As a big fan of barrel-aged brews, I was especially excited when I heard that my favorite micro brewery, ÜberQuell, had recently put a Belgian Wit beer into an ex-bourbon barrel (provided by Bulleit). On the next occasion, I headed over to their brewpub and ordered the new Summer Wit Barrel Aged together with a yummy avocado pizza. I really enjoyed how invigorating and electrifying this exciting brew was. I not only found it zippy and stimulating, but also pretty complex. So before I left, I grabbed a few more bottles to enjoy at home. Two days later, my initial stock of four had already gone down to two. I guess I have to visit ÜberQuell again next week and buy some more. Cause as soon as the sun comes out again, I wanna take a chilled Summer Wit Barrel Aged out of the fridge and get a refreshening craft beer kick!

by Tobi

Eye: The murky brew is orange-brown with a white, foamy top.
Nose: Initially crisp and sour with a lot of citrus. Then fruity, flowery and chewy notes chime in: I get tangerines, cloves, elderflower and even Snickers bars. Also new plywood from the do-it-yourself store. Although some aromas are more on the heavy side, the nose of the Summer Wit Barrel Aged still has a rather light and fresh character.
Palate: A brisk and vivid beginning with juicy oranges and sparkling white wine spritzers. They are soon joined by half-ripe pineapples, green grapes, firm kiwis and liquid caramel. The coriander makes itself known here, too. It forms a nice counterpart to the sharp and sour fruit notes.
Finish: Creamy! Now the bourbon casks show themselves! As parting gifts, the Summer Wit Barrel Aged leaves behind yummy notes of orange mousse, buttermilk muffins, citrus zest and mild spices. The brew’s signature sourness remains, too.

Type: Barrel-aged wit beer
Region: Germany
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 5.5 per cent
Bottle size: 0.33 litres
Price range: ~3 Euro
More info: (Brewery) ; (Cask)


  1. There has been an explosion of barrel aged beers – and beer casked whiskeys in return – on the market recently.
    Always a joy to explore the wide array of flavours & styles this exciting new category brings.

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    1. Absolutely, I am also always excited when I stumble upon a new beer from a whisky cask. I find it great that craft breweries are open and curious to experiment in this area. Regarding the Summer Wit Barrel Aged, I found it especially interesting that ÜberQuell went for a lean wit beer rather than a heavy stout or porter.

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