Royal Visit to Thurso – Wolfburn Distillery welcomes HRH Prince Charles (News)

Royal Visit to Wolfburn Distillery in Thurso (Single Malt Scotch Whisky HRH Prince Charles BarleyMania)

Earlier this week, HRH Prince Charles came to see Wolfburn Distillery while visiting the Northern Scottish harbor town of Thurso. In the course of his stay, the Prince of Wales met with the entire Wolfburn team and checked out all parts of the distillery from up close. Of course, he also used the chance to draw a few special samples directly from the casks and take home his own whisky bottle specially engraved for this occasion. “It was an absolute honour to meet His Royal Highness and to show off our whiskies,” says Charlie Ross, Visits Manager at Wolfburn. “A lot of work went into preparing for his visit, but in the end it was a huge amount of fun for all involved.” Congratulations to the distillery and its staff for welcoming such a well-esteemed visitor on site.

by Tobi

Wolfburn @ Web: (Distillery)
Vibrant Stills @ Web: (German Importer)

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