The Wolf of Glen Moray by Windswept Brewing (Review)

The Wolf of Glen Moray by Windswept Brewing (Barrel-aged craft beer matured in ex-bourbon whisky cask)

Put a beer in a whisky barrel and you get my attention! As a big fan of both brewed and distilled pours, I do – of course – also appreciate the combination of the two. Recently, I tried The Wolf of Glen Moray by Windswept Brewing. As the name suggests, it was matured in casks that previously held Scotch from Glen Moray Distillery, a Speyside-based production site I visited two years ago in 2017. The strong beer and the fruity spirit formed a really nice union here, complementing each other in a harmonious, affirming way. I poured myself a glass of The Wolf of Glen Moray on a calm evening in December and sipped it over a period of more than one hour – it kept me entertained and enthralled throughout the entire time!

by Tobi

Eye: Total darkness with a foamy, ocher top.
Nose: A fresh scent that is full and fruity with a lot of juicy berries, ripe peaches, soft bananas, zesty lemons and gooey caramel. Further back there is also some coffee ground.
Palate: In the mouth, the ale feels rich, strong and a teeny-weeny bit fizzy. The high ABV of 9.2 per cent is well integrated and the most prominent flavors include yellow fruits, sweet barley, raspberry pudding and, again, toffee cream. No doubt: The Wolf of Glen Moray is as savory as it is strong!
Finish: The finish is sweet, creamy and chocolate-y. Here, the whisky cask steps forth and makes itself known in a striking way.

Type: Barrel-aged dark ale
Region: Scotland
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 9.2 per cent
Bottle size: 0.33 litres
# of bottles: 5,600
Price range:
~12 Euro
More info: (Brewery) ; (Cask)


  1. Hey Tobi, did you try the Glen Moray cider experiment? They send their casks to Thistly Cross who make a whisky cider. They then reused the cider casks to finish whisky. Not tried the dram yet, but it’s in the tasting pile. The cider is fantastic.

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