BarleyMania Birthday Bash ’20: The winner (Give-Away)

Barleyversary '20 (Starward Kirsch Import Single Malt Whisky Blog Raffel Give-Away)

Cheers, pals! Here’s now the most fun part of my annual whisky give-away, namely the announcement of the winner! This year, over 20 of you celebrated BarleyMania’s fourth anniversary with me. Thanks a million to all of you and to everyone else who has accompanied me on my whisky journey so far! The prize I am giving away is really awesome: a Starward Whisky fan package sponsored by Kirsch Import! It includes a bottle of Starward Nova, a shirt, a pin and a brochure! And it goes to …

Congrats, my friend! I will contact you later on today and send send out your bottle early on next week. And to everyone else: Stay tuned and good luck next time!

by Tobi


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