Caol Ila 10yo Single Cask from Weinquelle’s Whisky Choice (Review)

Caol Ila 10yo by Weinquelle's Whisky Choice (Single Malt Scotch Islay Whisky Peated Tasting Notes BarleyMania Blog)

Recently, my favorite local dealer Weinquelle Lühmann launched its first indie bottling under the new label Weinquelle’s Whisky Choice. For this special occasion, they picked a classic dram from Caol Ila Distillery. It is 10 years old, matured in a hogshead and bottled at cask strength without coloring or chill filtration. If you ask me, these criteria make it a posterbook specimen of a bonafide, unpretentious Islay malt. As a regular customer and big fan of Weinquelle Lühmann, I bought this bottling on launch day. I am very happy for this decision! Sure, the price of 80 Euro per bottle is not a bargain; but it is not exceedingly expensive either. One way or another, if you decide to order this release, you will be in for a fantastic whisky whose most striking characteristics are a wonderful fruitiness and an accentuating peatiness as well as a beautiful balance of the many offered aromas and flavors. Oh, and let us not skip the fact that this is the very first release of a new player in the indie bottling world … so besides getting you a super sip, your support would also help Weinquelle to render this new endeavour of theirs a success right from the start.

by Tobi

Eye: Very light and pale.
Nose: A barbecue on the beach. Weinquelle’s first self-bottled whisky provides salt-filled air, moist stones and charred wood planks enshrouded in sweet, smoky fumes. These archetypical Islay smells are accompanied by fresh buttermilk, zesty citrus, oven-warm raisin bread and thick vanilla creme. The bouquet is pretty leveled, but it also has a bit of a wild side.
Palate: After a short while on the palate, the dram develops a delicous fruitiness that appears in the form of apple purree, mango chunks, banana chips and pineapple juice. Additionally, there is also an interplay of sweet, mineral and smoky notes. Plus pastry and cream. I find it really fascinating how smooth and easy these flavors blend into each other. Honestly: I do normally not expect to find so much balance in a young-ish, hoggie-matured Islay whisky!
Finish: A smooth, half-long aftertaste with sweet licorice, brown banana, soft apple and burnt rosemary as well as raisin, muffin and toffee. As in the previous phases, the whisky offers a lot here and again all offerings are beautifully balanced out with each other.

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland (Islay)
Age: 10 years old
Alc. volume: 58.5 per cent
Cask: Hogshead
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
# of bottles: 194
Price range: 80.00 Euro
More info: (Bottler)

*** I bought the bottle myself as a regular customer. ***


    1. Cheers, Mark. They are indeed a really awesome and greatly underrated distillery. Yet, the latter seems to be changing … I hear more and more people say that they are fans of Caol Ila. Which is good and well deserved, I think.

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      1. I was introduced to Caol Ila by an older fellow named Hugh, sitting at the back of Sandy Bell’s on Forest Street in Edinburgh. I was new to whiskey and asked him what he liked. Caol Ila 12 Year was in his top five.

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