Virtual Warehouse Tasting with Fary Lochan Distillery (Tasting)

VIrtual Warehouse Tasting with Fary Lochan Distillery from Denmark (Danish Single Malt Whisky Event)

Friday’s Virtual Warehouse Tasting by Jutland’s finest, Fary Lochan, was a different kind of experience for me: Since the event was moderated in Danish, I did not understand a word. Yet, I still had one helluva time! How’s that? Well, for starters our hosts lead us through the digital get-together, which was broadcasted live on Facebook, in a super fun and diverting way. The programme included, among others, a streamed distillery tour, a video interlude and of course an immensely exciting line-up. In the course of the 1.5-hour event, we followed the evolution of Fary Lochan’s spirit from zero to ten years. We started with the distillery’s New Make and proceeded with five exclusive cask samples that were two, four, six, eight and ten years old. All cask samples contained the same kind of spirit (unpeated single malt). They were all matured in the same kind of wood (1st fill ex-bourbon) and bottled with a similar ABV (between 60.1 and 63.5 per cent). While we sipped them one after another, we learned first-hand how Fary Lochan’s Danish Single Malt Whisky developed over time. No doubt: That was extremely interesting for a whisky nerd like me!

When I drank the New Make, I immediately recognized its heaviness and oiliness. For this, I believe, we have to thank the small Forsyths copper stills from Scotland, which Fary Lochan uses to distill its whisky. Scent- and taste-wise, the New Make offered grain, pastry, toffee, cotton candy, cream and licorice. Fruits? Nope, not yet … Two years in an ex-bourbon cask added smooth vanilla, sweet almonds and crisp pears. During the finish, the 2 Years Old even brought forth some gooseberries and brambles. While many traits from the New Make were still present here, I found it quite baffling what kind of effect the short maturation already had.

Turning 4 Years Old – that’s a milestone! Whereas our first two drams still classified as spirit drinks, the third glass finally contained actual whisky. And this was clearly noticable during both the nosing and the tasting. The extra years rounded off the edges. And they gave the liquid complexity. Sure, the heaviness was still there. But the malt also showed an elegant side now. It smelled of milk chocolate with raisins and nuts. It tasted of vanilla crescents, apple slices and coconut flakes. The long and good finish had berries, toffee, pastry, anis and mint. The 6 Years Old was next. Here, I did not find the difference to the previous dram as striking as before. Nevertheless, the whisky showed some really nice development. It was still pretty sturdy, but it also had a certain playfulness. Its bouquet was comparatively lean with white chocolate, light grapes, zesty lemon and poppy-seed cake. On the tongue, I sensed vanilla milk, toffee bits and pears accentuated by an invigorating spearmint kick. Like its predecessor, the 6 Years Old had a very lengthy and intense aftertaste. The most prominent notes included Turkish nougat, yeast dough, milk chocolate and sweet licorice. Oh … this was quite a treat, for sure!

Our fifth dram was the star of the evening. That is because Fary Lochan had bottled the 8 Years Old as their Virtuel Edition #03 prior to the tasting; and put it on sale in their webshop during the event. When I inhalted its fumes, I smelled toffee, milk chocolate, licorice and buttered toast with jam. Furthermore, I also sniffed a variety of cooked fruits here (especially yellow plums and raspberries). On the palate I got a fine assortment of rich gustos: Strong and unsweetened licorice. Dark chocolate. Freshly cracked coconut. Burnt raisins. The well-defined finish was all apple cake enriched with caramel crumble, orange zest, spring twigs and yeast dough. Oh my, what a dram! It followed the big finale: Fary Lochan 10 Years Old! This was quite a rarity. After all, professional whisky distilling in Denmark only started in 2005; and Fary Lochan initially heated up its stills in 2009. Thus, you will not find many Danish whiskies these days, which spent a full decade or longer in the cask … The 10 Years Old was really well-balanced, multi-layered and inviting. Its aromas reminded me of creamy pudding buns, malty cough drops and blossoming summer meadows. My taste buds registered warm marble cake, fluffy lemon sorbet, sweet vanilla sauce and fine apple puree. The finish was rich with caramel pudding, breakfast cereals, icing sugar and puff pastry. As with the other drams, the final flavors continued to stay with me for looong … !

So what are the take-aways of this truly memorable online event? – Well, first and foremost I learned that language is not important as long as the drams and the company are fine. Also, I found out that it is super exciting to follow one particular whisky’s journey over the years. And last but not least I got reassured that Fary Lochan is currently one of the most fascinating, unique and worth-to-watch distilleries out there. Thank you, my Danish friends, for a wonderful evening … and, of course, for the top-class drams, too!

by Tobi

The drams

New Make (Malt spirit / Denmark / Unmatured / 0yo / 63.5%)
Cask Sample 2 Years Old (Malt spirit / Denmark / 1st fill ex-Bourbon / 2yo / 62.7%)
Cask Sample 4 Years Old (Single malt whisky / Denmark / 1st fill ex-Bourbon / 4yo / 62.3%)
Cask Sample 6 Years Old (Single malt whisky / Denmark / 1st fill ex-Bourbon / 6yo / 62.1%)
Cask Sample 8 Years Old (Single malt whisky / Denmark / 1st fill ex-Bourbon / 8yo / 60.7%)
Cask Sample 10 Years Old (Single malt whisky / Denmark / 1st fill ex-Bourbon / 10yo / 60.1%)

Fary Lochan @ Web:
Fary Lochan @ Facebook:
The tasting video @ Facebook:

*** The tasting was streamed publically and I got the samples for free from Fary Lochan. ***


    1. Thanks for the feedback. For the 6yo, the 8yo and the 10yo I wouldn’t necessarily say that the whisky got gradually better with age. They were all very well developed and complex. The New Make and the 2yo were obviously not as far as the later ones. The 4yo I would see as some kinda “link”. It was quite impressive already, but the older trio was still one or two steps further ahead.

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