Artwerk Bio Brandy (Review)

Artwerk Bio Brandy (Organic Sustainable Weinbrand Germany Tasting Notes)

For the people that make it, Artwerk Bio Brandy is more than just a tasty treat. It is their attempt to breath new life into a spirit category that is long overdue to have its revival: brandy or “Weinbrand” (as we call it in our native tongue). At least here in Germany, this grape-based distillate has the reputation of being some sort of an “old folks’ drink”. It is something you would rather expect to find in your grandparents’ cabinet than on your buddy’s shelf. For Artwerk, however, the prerequisites are quite the opposite: While they would not mind being placed in the former, they are happy to go the extra-mile to be placed in the latter. First and foremost, they have – of course – created a quality product. To make it stand out from the competition, however, they have also given their Bio Brandy a modern, attractive packaging. And they have crafted it by hand, using only organic ingredients and ensuring full compliance with established bio and eco standards. Last but not least, they have kept the entry threshold low by offering their delish palate pleaser for the affordable price of 35 Euro per 0.7 liter bottle. So if you are open to take a little detour from your usual whisky routine and try out another cask-matured spirit that has lots to offer, Artwerk Bio Brandy is one full-of-flavor malternative I can totally recommend!

by Tobi

Eye: Orange brown.
Nose: The first sniff is juicy, sweet and zesty all together. Besides the expected grape and raisin notes, I also get orange peel, caramel crème, jellied sweets, burnt almonds and a spoonful of honey. Additionally, some mild spices peek-a-boo from afar. On the one hand, the bouquet is lively and spirited. But on the other, it also feels softened and leveled.
Mouth: Artwerk Bio Brandy is really smooth, silken and easy-sipping. With its approachable character, it is not one to put a knot into your brain. Yet, it still offers a good amount of flavors to explore. Initially, there’s an abundance of honey, raisin and vanilla. After a few moments, additional notes join in: banana, plum, cake and sugared late machiato. Everything’s well-integrated and there’s absolutely no burn or sting. This is one helluva gentle yet flavorsome pour!
Finish: The creamy aftertaste is a little “darker” than the palate. It starts with honey and raisin, but then turns towards cherries, plums and licorice. Above all, there is a fine layer of cocoa powder.

Type: Brandy
Region: Germany
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 40 per cent
Cask type:  Oak casks
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~35.00 Euro
More info: (Brand)

*** I got the bottle for free from Artwerk. Thank you. ***

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