4x Whisky from DeinWhisky.de – Longmorn, Tomatin, Cameronbridge & Glenglassaugh (Review Flight)

Here we go with four recent additions to DeinWhisky.de‘s ever-growing selection of exclusives. In detail, we are talking about the following drams: A creamy and fruity Longmorn 24 Years Old with a wonderful balance (drawn from a refill hogshead). A sweet and spicy Tomatin 21 Years Old with an incredible flavor profile (ripened in a PX cask). A bright and vibrant Cameronbridge 47 Years Old with a high degree of complexity (kept forever in a hogshead). And a strong and beefy Glenglassaugh 9 Years Old with a chocolate-y chewiness (fully matured in a PX puncheon). Since all of these drops are rich in character and taste, I spare you a prolongued introduction here. Instead, I let the whiskies do the talking … slainte!

by Tobi

Longmorn Vintage 1996 by The First Editions & DeinWhisky.de
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Refill hogshead • 54.9% • 218 bottles)

Single cask Longmorns are quite a rare sight: According to Whiskybase, no more than 12 such bottlings were launched in 2021 so far. And this joint release by The First Editions and DeinWhisky.de is one of them. Twenty-four years of sleep have given it a leveled bouquet that starts out buttery, but then takes a turn into a citrus-y and pineapple-y direction. Bit by bit, more pleasing notes join in: lemon juice, apple purée, vanilla pudding. With a particularly deep sniff, the whisky’s fruitiness gets further amplified. White peaches take the lead now, followed by pears, grapes, and elderflower. Last but not least, I can also make out chamomile tea alongside green twigs and fresh leaves. On the tongue, this grand Speysider presents itself full-bodied and waxy, but also fruity and woody. Again, everything is very gallant and round, albeit with some kind of an edge. The flavors at this stage include green banana, crisp pear, golden kiwi, and sweetened gooseberry as well as lots of vanilla milk and soft biscuit. The latter two notes give the liquid a nice fluffiness. The great finish seamlessly blends with the previous sensations. The malt becomes a bit thicker now with a smooth wave of brittle, fudge, mint, and hard candy filling the mouth. But the bright fruits still shine through, too: brandied pear, dark cherry, sweet pomelo, and canned pineapple. Plus almond chips and pistachio mousse on top. This gorgeous single malt Scotch whisky is incredibly round and harmonious, displaying the magic that happens when craft and time fall together in a most excellent way. 

Tomatin Vintage 1999 for DeinWhisky.de
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • PX cask • 54.8% • 651 bottles)

Once I had drawn this PX-matured Tomatin to my nose, I initally started to wonder: Did I just sniff a whisky or did I walk into a warehouse full of fine spices? I really couldn’t tell! No kidding, the nose of this dark-hued dram is just incredible. It offers lots of cinnamon, clove, and curcuma spread over a colorful potpourri of crumbled shortcrust pastry, dried orange peel, fine cocoa powder, and vintage limousine wood. On the palate, the rich spices remain. But now they mingle with a creamy, honeyed sweetness. Besides seasonings and beeswax, I also make out plum jam, toffee, and dates at this point. Plus lotsa sweet cocoa and dried fruits (apple rings, apricot chunks). The mouth feel is – without exaggeration – kingly! The medium-to-long aftertaste is smooth, velvety, and full of flavor. It emphasizes on sugared café au lait and muddy Christmas cake filled with raisins, nut splinters, and choc chunks. For a quick moment, the cask strength ABV also flexes its muscles. While doing so, it produces an additional flavor wave, which takes the form of oven-warm croissant with molten butter and sweet raspberry jelly. That’s one helluva note to end on; and a worthwhile exit for a world-class whisky with pretty much a perfect PX maturation!

Cameronbridge Vintage 1974 by Sansibar & DeinWhisky.de
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • Hogshead • 40.3% • 126 bottles)

Wow! This super-old grain whisky from Cameronbridge is no less than six years my senior! The longer I let that thought wander through my head, the more crazy it gets. Nevertheless, I will try my best to not let the awe-inspiring age distract me during the degustation. So here are my impressions: When I nose this joint premium bottling from Sansibar Whisky Wildlife and DeinWhisky.de, a lovely whiff of freshly baked lemon cake comes first. It is then followed by equally great aromas of orange juice, strawberry sorbet, and caramel pudding. Additionally, there’s lots of fun fair scents, too: choc-coated pear, caramelized apple, burnt almond, and cotton candy. Plus a plateful of salted pastry and a wee pinch of stimulating spice. I am not exaggerating when I say that I love how full and rich this extraordinary grain’s nose is! The palate has a beautiful fruitiness that takes the form of canned peaches, sweetened plums, sugared strawberries, jellied lemons, ripened apricots, and so on. Moreover, this strictly limited single cask release offers banana milk, whipped crème, and gummi bears – wow! What a tongue pleaser! The mid-length finish is as smooth as it gets. Taste-wise, it reminds me of a bright fruit salad drenched in thick vanilla sauce. On top, there are white-choc sprinkles and an amaretto-soaked cocktail cherry, freshened up with an extra splash of pineapple juice. That mix is light and easy on the tongue – yet it is also immensely delish and full of flavor!

Glenglassaugh Vintage 2012 forDeinWhisky.de
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky • PX puncheon • 58.3% • 677 bottles)

Glenglassaugh is a rare distillery to bring forth a single cask bottling – especially one that sports the distillery’s own design and packaging. This 8 Years Old for DeinWhisky.de shows that we need more such releases! The well-developed Highlands malt opens with a brash n’ bold nose full of spice cake, icing sugar, wild honey, dark wood, and grapefruit zest. Also some sour-ish garden fruits. In the mouth, the high ABV of almost 60 per cent produces an invigorating burn. The offered tastes are full and strong as well: Quince compote and tangerine peel. Raspberries and brambles. Toffee and hazelnut crème. And also some boozed-up cherries. The lasting and rewarding finish comes in the form of a true cocoa powder avalanche! In its wake, it also leaves lots of red fruits, wild berries, and citrus spritzers as well as a generous blob of English marmalade. Delicious, delicious!

Longmorn Vintage 1996 (Single Malt / Speyside / 24yo / Ref. hogshead / 54.9% / 160 Euro)
Tomatin Vintage 1999
(Single Malt / Speyside / 21yo / PX cask / 54.8% / 200 Euro)
Cameronbridge Vintage 1974 (Single Grain / Lowlands / 46yo / Hogshead / 40.3% / 360 Euro)
Glenglassaugh Vintage 2012 (Single Malt / Highlands / 9yo / Px puncheon / 58.3% / 90 Euro)

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*** Whisky samples kindly provided by DeinWhisky.de. Thank you. ***

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