Artwerk Bio Brandy – The Master Edition (Review)

Header image of Artwerk Bio Brandy - Master Edition

As a follow-up to their permanently available core-range bottling, organic brandy producers Artwerk have now launched their first limited release, called the Master Edition. To create the high-class spirit, they have teamed up with Jürgen Deibel from Deibel Consultants, who is one of Germany’s most renowned and experienced spirits professionals. His expertise clearly shows in the final product: Artwerk’s Master Edition is very aptly put together to form a well aligned and evenly balanced drop that is easy, smooth, and pleasing to the nostrils and to the tongue. In direct comparision to the fruity and lively Artwerk Bio Brandy, I find the Master Edition to be a bit more subtle, dry, and deep. The key notes are alike in both expressions (raisin, honey, vanilla) and also the overall character is similar (light, smooth, and approachable). But when you examine the spirit closer, you will – as so often – discover a richness of nuanced differences on a deeper level. If you already have Artwerk’s debut release at home, the Master Edition thus makes for an excellent supplement. And if you are new to the world of Artwerk, it constitutes a great starting point. So one way or another: Grape … erm … grab it!

by Tobi

Eye: Orange brown.
Nose: A soft, smooth, and inviting whiff evaporates from the glass. It transports well-orchestrated aromas of vanilla, grape, and spice. Additional sniffs reveal a wealth of accompanying scents, such as ripe plum, sugared strawberry, sweet toffee, perfumed tobacco, and old furniture wood with a fresh polish. All notes support and elevate each other wonderfully, forming a very harmonious whole.
Mouth: Harmony and balance are the first qualities that come to mind when Artwerk’s superbly rounded Master Edition caresses the tastebuds. Just like the nose, the palate is also driven by vanilla and grape. Furthermore, it offers wine gums, plum jelly, ginger candy, cinnamon sticks, sage leaves, mixed berries, and caramel pudding with cream.
Finish: The bio-certified brandy exits gentle and echoes mid-long. It leaves behind marzipan, licorice, toffee, honey, tangerine, raisin, and oak. Towards the end, the spirit transitions from juicy to dry, making the mouth feel as velvety as an antique cushion … and as kingly as a golden chalice!

Type: Brandy
Region: Germany
Age: NAS
Alc. volume: 40 per cent
Cask type:  Oak casks
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Price range: ~35.00 Euro
More info: (Brand)

*** I got the bottle for free from Artwerk. Thank you. ***

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